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God’s wonderful world .

Moral Stories for children

God’s wonderful world .

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Before there was anything, there was GOD. 
God existed before Genesis

 Bible is given to us to read. It is a great book, a tremendous book. Let us begin at the first of the Bible and go through it all, book by book -- from Genesis to Revelation -- and look at the setting, the message, and the relationship of each to the whole. This will be a zoom-lens view, Such a panorama is one of the most helpful ways to understand and see the divine pattern of revelation.

Genesis is the book of beginnings. It takes us back into the very dawn of human history and yet as we read it, it is as up-to-date as tomorrow morning's newspaper.
God begin the beginning.
The word Genesis means "beginning," so it is a very apt title for this book. We shall content ourselves with looking only at the first verse, and this will serve as an introduction to our whole series.

Before there was a computer, VCRs and TVs; or the sun, the moon and the stars - or even space itself - God was there. There wouldn't be anything at all if God hadn't thought it all up. 

But God DID think it all up. 

But in the very beginning there was no shape to God's creation at all, and everywhere it was black as night.
At first the earth was dark and empty. God's spirit moved over the waters.
So God said,

"Let there be light!"
And there was light for the day. He called the darkness night. And that was the first day.
God saw that the light was good, and so he separated the light from the darkness. God called the light "Day," and the darkness he called, "Night." And then for the first time ever, there was evening and there was morning. The first day in all of creation had come to an end and a new day was ready to begin.

On the morning of the second day God put the blue sky between the deep waters that covered the earth and the blackness of space. At first, the earth was completely covered with water. There wasn't any dry ground anywhere.

And there was evening and there was morning. The second day was over, and a new day was ready to begin.

Morning came on the third day, and God gathered the waters together and made the dry land appear. God called the dry land "Earth" and the water he called "Sea." 

God looked at all that he had made, and he saw that it was good.

It was all very good.

Then God said, "Let there be plants on the earth, and all the things that grow!" And all the different kinds of plants and trees began to grow; apple trees and banana trees, grass and dandelions and roses, wheat to make bread, and corn so kids would have a vegetable they would like; but God made spinach and broccoli too.

And God looked at all that he had made, and he saw that it was good, even the broccoli and the spinach.

There was evening and there was morning, the third day. A new day was waiting to begin.

On the fourth day God said, "Let the great lights appear in the sky!" (so we would know when to go to bed and when to get up for school). And just by his word, God made the sun and the moon and the stars. He made them out of nothing at all!
And God looked at all that he had made, and he saw that it was good.

There was evening and there was morning, the fourth day.

On the morning of the fifth day God said, "Let there be swimming things in the oceans and lakes, and birds in the air!" And the oceans were filled with hammerhead sharks and dolphins and whales. And in the sky there were robins and eagles, blue jays, cardinals and yellow bellied sapsuckers. Until then the earth must have been a very quiet place. But not anymore!

And God looked at all that he had made, and it was wonderfully good.

There was evening and there was morning, now the fifth day had come and gone.

Then God said, "Let there be animals upon the earth!" God made giraffes, and zebras, and lions and tigers and bears. He made moose with great big antlers, and little gophers and chipmunks and squirrels. He made monkeys swinging through the trees and giant gorillas sitting in the forests eating bananas. He made huge elephants, and he made hippopotamuses rolling around in the mud. How did God think of all those things?!

What a great imagination God has!

Then God said, "Let us make people in our own image" (God said, "us" because God the Father was there, and so was Jesus, and so was the Holy Spirit - but still he was just one God). So God made people in his own image. 

When you look at yourself in a mirror, you see an image of yourself. You see a reflection of what you are like. God made us in his image. We are a reflection of what God is like. When God sees us, he sees a reflection of himself. 

You are the image of God. Always remember that.

So God looked at all that he had made, and he saw that it was good.

And there was evening, and there was morning, and that was the sixth day.

On the morning of the seventh day God saw that the whole universe and everything in it was finished. Nothing else needed to be made. And it was all very good.

And so God rested on the seventh day. He celebrated all the good work he had done. God blessed the seventh day and made it holy.

What does that mean? 

When something is "holy," that means that it is special. It belongs to God. When God made the seventh day holy, he made it his day. It belongs to him. He made the seventh day a special day, different from all the rest. 

God rested from his work on the seventh day and enjoyed all that he had made. That is what God wants us to do too. On the seventh day of every week, God wants us to rest and enjoy all that he has made. That way we will always remember that all good things come from God.

God made everything there is, and he made it to be good. Always remember that.

God is so wonderful!
(Adapted from Genesis 1:1 - 2:3)

God Made Everything
(Genesis 1)
God made everything. He made the whole world. God made heaven, and He lives there.
At first everything was dark. God said, “Let there be Light.” Everything changed. He called it daytime. Daytime is when we work and play. Next God made the night time. That is when we rest and sleep.

Then God made the green grass. He made the trees and flowers to. We can play during the daytime when it is light. God made the bright sun to shine in the daytime.
There were no stars in the sky, so God made the stars. He made the moon too. Both the moon and stars shine in the nighttime while we sleep.
One day God made some animals. He made the birds to fly in the sky. He made the fish to swim in the water. God made cows and horses and pigs. God made all the animals. He saw that all of His work was good.

Verse to learn
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”- Genesis 1:1

How well Did You Listen
1.      Where does God live?
2.      What shines in the daytime?
3.      What shines while we sleep.

God Made People
God had made everything good: sun, moon, stars, fish, grass, and flowers- everything.
Then God said,” Let’s make man”. God took some dust from the ground. Out of it he made a man. God gave the man air to breathe. So God’s man was alive. Then God made the man to fall asleep. When he was asleep, God took one of his ribs. From it he made a woman. Then the man awoke. He saw that god had made a woman for him.
How happy there were! They lived, worked, and played together. God called the man Adam. Adam called his wife Eve.
God had a place for Adam and Eve to live. He gave them a big garden. It was called the garden of Eden. There were many big trees in the garden. Some had fruit on them. ‘
There was a river flowing through the garden. The river gave water to al the trees. God told Adam to take care of the garden.  Adam obeyed God. Everyday Adam walked among the trees and flowers.
God made the whole world. He made everything in it. God looked at everything He had made. He looked at the man He had made. God saw that everything was good.

“God created man in His own image.” – Genesis 1:27

1.      What did God used to make a man?
2.      What was the man’s name?
3.      What did God think of everything he had made?

God Rests
(Genesis 2)
God had made the animals, the trees, the sun, the moon, the flowers, and man. God took a rest.
God ended His work on the sixth day. But He blessed the seventh day. He did no work.
We need to rest. We rest on Sunday. Dad does not go to work. Mother does not clean house. We go to Sunday school and church on that day. It is God’s day. On Sunday we show our Love to God. We worship Him. We do things which make God happy.
After God rested, he asked Adam to name all the animals and birds. Adam gave them each a name. He named the cow, the horse, the sparrow, the dog, the cat. Adam gave names to all of God’s animals.
Adam loved God. Eve loved God too. God loved Adam and Eve.
Adam and Eve were happy. Their home was in the pretty garden. Everything was good. They were God’s first people. They belonged to God.

“And on the seventh day God ended His work.” – Genesis 2:2
1.      What did God do on the seventh day?
2.      What did God tell Adam to do?
3.      How many people lived in the garden?

Eve Does Not Obey God
(Genesis 2 and 3)
God made trees and flowers, bushes and grass. He put them in the garden for Adam and Eve. Some of the trees had fruit.
This big garden was to be Adam’s and Eve’s home. They were to take care of it. They could pick and eat the fruit form every tree except one. That one tree was not for them.
Each day God came to the garden to talk with them. They Loved God! They loved their garden too.
One day a creature that talked came into the garden. He said, “Can’t you  eat from this big tree?”
Eve said, “No. God said that we cannot eat from this tree. This tree is not ours.”
The creature was sly. He said, “Oh, you can eat from this tree.”
“No.” said eve. “If we eat from this tree, we will die.” The creature said, “You will not die. You will become wise.”
Eve looked at the tree. Then she took a fruit from that tree. She ate it. She gave them to Adam. He ate it too. They did not obey God. They did wrong. God said, “Do not eat it,” but they ate it anyway.
Soon they heard God walking in the garden. They knew they had not obeyed God, They were afraid.
God knew what they had done. He must punish them. They must be sent out of the garden.
Naughty things are sin. God does not like naughty things we do. Mother and Dad punish us when we do things which are wrong.
Ask God to take away your naughty, sinful things. Tell God you are sorry for the naughty things you have done.

“They heard the voice of the Lord.” - Genesis 3:8

1.      What was on the trees?
2.      Who talked to Eve in the garden?
3.      What happens when we sin?
Adam and Eve had children. Their first baby was a boy. Eve named him Cain. God gave your dad and mother their baby too.
God gave Adam and Eve another baby Abel. Now they had two little boys. They loved their children very much. God loved their little boys too.
God loves you very much. Let me ask you three questions. Do you love your daddy? Do you love you mother? Do you love God?
The two boys grew big and strong. Cain, the older one, took care of the garden. Abel took care of the sheep. Abel loved God. Cain was naughty. He liked to do things the way he wanted.
Cain fought with Abe;. One day he hit him so hard that Abel died. God saw it. He talked to Cain. God told Cain that He would have to punish him. Cain had done wrong. God must always punish those who do wrong.
God loved Cain, but He had to punish him for his sin.
God loves us, and he does not want us to do wrong. When we do, we should not try to hide it. We should tell Dad and Mother. Then we should ask Jesus to take our sin away.
Have you been naughty? If so, you have done wrong. Tell Jesus about it. Ask Him to forgive you.


“The Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering”- Genesis 4:4


1.      Who was Adam and Eve’s first boy?
2.      What did Abel take care of?
3.      What did Cain do to Abel?

Noah Builds A Boat
(Genesis 7)
Adam’s and Eve’s children married and had children. Soon there were many people in the world. God looked on these people. He saw how they did not obey Him. God loved them and was sorry they were sinful. He had to punish them. God was going to send a flood.
There was a man named Noah. He believed in God. He loved God. He wanted to make a big boat.
God told Noah to make a big boat. He told Noah just how to make it. Noah obeyed. He did what God told him to do. When the big boat was ready God said, “Take your family and go into the boat.” Noah and his family went in. Many animals went in too. Then God closed the door tight.
After seven days it began to rain. It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. It rained and rained and rained! The water drowned the people in the world. It did not drown Noah and his Family. They were safe in the big boat. God takes care of those who love Him. He takes good care of all His children.

Verse to learn

“Thus did Noah; according to all that Had commanded him.”- Genesis 6:22


1.      What did God tell Noah to make?
2.      Who went into this big boat?
3.      How long did it rain?

Everyone spoke the same language in God’s world.
God made everyone to talk the same way.
One day a man said, “Let us make some bricks.” Another man thought this was a good idea. Everyone worked real hard. They made many bricks.
The man said, “Let us make a tower to reach Heaven. Everyone will know about us then.”
All the men worked real hard to build the tower. They worked and worked and worked. The tower got bigger and bigger.
God looked down and saw what the men were doing. God said, “ I cannot let them finish this tower.”
God knew what He would do. He made everyone speak a different language. They tried to talk to one another. But they could not understand each other. Everyone was using different words.
The tower they started was never finished. We cannot build the tower or road to Heaven. Jesus is the only way to Heaven. We must belong to Him.

“And the Lord came down to see.”- Genesis 11:5


1.      What did the men make?
2.      What were they going to do with the bricks?
3.      How did God change things?


(Genesis 18)
Lot lived near the city of Sodom. He thought it was the best. But Sodom was a very wicked city. God told Abraham that He was going to burn Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham thought about Lot. He did not want God to burn those cities.
Abraham said, “If you find 50 good people there, will You burn the city?”
Abraham thought there were at least 30 people who were living right. Maybe only 20; or only ten. Then he said to the Lord, “If there are ten good people in Sodom, will You save the city?”
God said, “I will not burn it if I find ten good people.” But God did not find ten good people in that city. He had to burn it. But Lot was saved, because he left very quickly. Two angels warned him. God saved Lot’s life because Abraham had said God to do so.


1.      What kind of a city was Sodom?
2.      What did Abraham ask God to do?
3.      Why was Lot saved?

(Genesis 18)

Abraham loved his son Isaac very much. Abraham and Sarah were very happy. One day God said to Abraham, “Take your son and offer Him more than he loved his son. The next morning Abraham got up real early. He took Isaac and two of his helpers with him. They walked for three days. Then Abraham found the place where God wanted him to stop. Abraham said to his helpers, “You stay here; my son and I will go farther.” Abraham took the wood and gave it to Isaac to carry.
Then Isaac said, “Father, you have the wood and the fire, but where is the offering?” Abraham told Isaac that God would supply the offering. They came to the place where the offering was to be made. Abraham took his son and tied him. Then he laid him on the altar. Abraham was ready to do just what God said.
Abraham heard a voice calling, “Abraham, Abraham.” He answered the call.
The voice said, “Now I know that you love God more than your son. Do not kill him.”
Abraham untied Isaac. Then he saw a little animal caught in the bushes. Abraham took the animal and offered it to God. God supplied everything that was needed.

“God will provide.” – Genesis 22:8

1.      What did God ask Abraham to do?
2.      Who went with Abraham and Isaac?
3.      What did Abraham see caught in the bushes?

(Genesis 24)
Sarah died when she was 127 years old. Abraham buried her. He cried when Sarah died. He loved her very much. God knew that Abraham loved Sarah. God comforted Abraham.
Isaac missed his mother too. God comforted Isaac. God comforts us when we are sad. We cry someone dies, but God can comfort us.
Abraham was getting very old. One day he said to his servant, “I want you to go find a wife for my son. Find a girl who loves God. I do not want my son to marry someone who does not love God.”
Abraham’s servant went to another city. He went to find a wife for Isaac. Soon he came to a well. There he saw a pretty girl. Her name was Rebekah. The man said, “I am Abraham’s helper. I have come to take home a wife for Isaac.” Rebekah was the one God wanted to be Isaac’s wife. She went with the servant to the land where Abraham was living. He took Rebekah to Isaac.  Isaac loved Rebekah very much. He was no longer sad.

“And Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.” – Genesis 24:67

1.      How old was Sarah when she died?
2.      Who comforted Abraham and Isaac?
3.      Whom did the servant see at the well?

(Genesis 25)
Isaac and Rebekah were married. They were happy. They loved God just as Abraham and Sarah had loved God. God gave Isaac and Rebekah two boys. The boys were twins. One was named Esau. The other was called Jacob. These boys grew just as you grow. Soon they were big men.
One day Esau came in front of his work field. He was tired. Jacob had some food. Esau said, “Give some food. I am very tired.”
Jacob said he would not give his brother the food unless he sold him his birthright. A birthright is like a a promise of something to come, as a promise of land or a house. Esau was very hungry. He said “You can have the birthright. Just give me something to eat.”
In his hurry Esau sold his birthright for food. Esau did wrong in this. We should ask God to keep us from doing wrong.

“God blessed his son Isaac.” – Genesis 25:11

1.      How many children did Rebekah and Isaac have?
2.      Name the two boys.
3.      Why did Esau sell his birthright?

(Genesis 27)
Isaac was getting old. He could not see well. He was almost blind.
One day Isaac called to his son Esau. He told Esau that he was going blind. Isaac asked Esau to cook him some meat.  Then he said, : When you bring it to me, I will bless you.”
Rebecca heard Isaac talking to Esau. She saw Esau go out of the field to hunt. Rebecca called Jacob. She told Jacob what she had heard. Then she said, “I will fix some food. You take it to your father. Then you will get the blessing.
Jacob did not have hairy arms. Esau did. Rebecca knew this. She made the food. Then she put skins of an animal on Jacob’s arms and neck. That would fool Isaac.
Jacob came to his Father. He gave him food. Then Jacob said, “Now give me the blessing.”
Isaac could not see which of his sons was there. He said, “You sound like Jacob, but you feel like Esau.”
Jacob said, “I am Esau.” Jacob lied. He fooled his father. His father gave him the blessing. God knew Jacob lied. To lie is sin. Jacob would have to be punished.

“The Lord hath blessed.” – Genesis 27:27

1.      Who was to have a blessing?
2.      Who helped Jacob get the food?
3.      What did Jacob have on his arms?

(Genesis 27 & 28)
After Jacob gave his father the food, he left the room. Then Esau came in to see his father. He had cooked the food for Isaac. Isaac said, “Who are you?”
Esau said, “I am your son”
Isaac was very sad. He knew then that Jacob had fooled him. Esau had missed the blessing.
Esau was angry with Jacob. He wanted to kill him. He hated his brother Jacob.
Jacob knew that Esau hated him. He knew that soon he would try to kill him. Jacob’s mother decided to send him away. She told him to go to his Uncle Laban’s house. Uncle Laban lived in Haran. “Go and stay with him for a few days,” she said. Soon Esau will forget he is angry. Then you can come back home.”
Jacob knew he had been wrong to fool his father. He had been wrong to take Esau’s blessing. God always punishes the one who sins. Jacob knew this.
God hates sin. But He is willing to forgive us if we ask Him. God loves us. He wants us to be clean, to have clean hearts. We can ask Jesus to make us clean.

“Jacob obeyed his father and his mother.” – Genesis 28:7
1.      Who was Jacob’s brother?
2.      Why was Isaac sad?
3.      How did Esau feel toward Jacob?

(Genesis 28)
Jacob left his home. He went to visit his Uncle Laban who lived in Haran.
Jacob walked until he was very tired. Soon it was night. The sun was going down. It was time to go to bed. Jacob took some stones for a pillow. Then he lay down to sleep.
Jacob began to dream. He dreamed he saw a ladder. The ladder was very long. It reached from earth to Heaven. He saw angels going up and down the ladder.
Soon Jacob heard a voice. God was speaking. God said: “I am the Lord God of Abraham thy Father and the God of Isaac:  the land whereon thou liest, to you will I give it.” God promised Jacob the land. He said He would give it to Jacob and to his children.
Jacob was told he would have many children. God promised to go with Jacob. God says he will go with us too, but we must follow Him.
When Jacob awoke, he was afraid, he was afraid. He looked around but he saw no one there. It was morning and time to travel again. First he had a job to do. Jacob took a stone. He put some oil on it, then gave it a name. Jacob called the place Bethel.
Jacob promised God that he would serve Him. He asked God to help him, and to feed him. God promised to be with Jacob. God is with us. He knows what we do. He knows what we need. God knows what it is in our hearts.

“I will not leave thee.” – Genesis 28:15

1.      What did Jacob do at night?
2.      What did he use for a pillow?
3.      What was God’s promise to Jacob?

(Genesis 29)
Jacob left Bethel. He walked on. He saw some men in the field. They were taking care of their sheep. Jacob stopped to talk with them. He asked, “Do you know Laban?”
They said, “Yes, his daughter Rachel is coming now with the sheep.” Jacob looked up. He saw Rachel coming. She had her father’s sheep.
Jacob told Rachel that he was her cousin. Rachel ran to tell her father. When Laban heard this, he ran out to meet Jacob. Laban put his arms around Jacob and kissed him.  Jacob decided to stay and work for Laban. Laban said, “You cannot work for nothing. What should I pay you?” Jacob said, “I will work for seven years for Rachel.” Jacob loved Rachel. He worked seven years for Rachel. It did not seem very long to him. He loved Rachel very much. The seven years went by. It was time for the wedding. Jacob and Rachel were to be married. Laban called all the people together. He gave a big party. Then they brought his wife to Jacob. But it was not Rachel.
Jacob was angry. He went to Laban. He said, ”Why did you give me Leah? You have fooled me. I wanted to marry Rachel.”
Laban said, “Leah is older. She should be married first.” Then Laban made a promise. “Work seven more years. Then I will give you Rachel.” So Jacob worked seven years more. Then he and Rachel were married.

“Jacob loved Rachel.” –Genesis 29:18

1.      Who told Jacob about Rachel?
2.      Did Jacob work for Rachel?
3.      Who was Rachel’s sister

(Genesis 33)
Jacob stayed many years with Laban. He became rich. He owned many servants and many animals. Then Jacob left Laban. Jacob wanted to see his brother Esau. He sent a servant to Esau to say that he would meet him. Jacob had not seen Esau for many years. Jacob’s servant made plans for two brothers to meet.
The day came. Jacob thought Esau would still want to kill him. He was afraid. Soon Esau and Jacob met. Esau threw his arms around Jacob and kissed him. They both cried. They were so happy to meet again!
Esau asked, “Who are all these people?”
Jacob said, “The children God has given.” Jacob gave the Lord credit for all that he had. We should give the Lord credit for all we have. We should thank the Lord for our homes, for mothers, for dads, for sisters, and for brothers. We should always be thankful.

“And Esau ran to meet him… Kissed him: and they wept” – Genesis 33:4

1.      Was Jacob rich or poor?
2.      What happened when Esau and Jacob met?
3.      Who had given Jacob his children?

Jacob had a son whose name was Benjamin. After Benjamin was born, his mother died. Benjamin had a brother named Joseph.
Joseph was 17 years old. He helped take care of his father’s sheep. Joseph’s brothers did not like him.
Jacob had a coat made of many colors for Joseph. Joseph liked his coat.
Joseph had some dreams. He told his brothers about them. They laughed at him and made fun of him.
One day Jacob sent Joseph to see his brothers. They were in another place taking care of their sheep. Jacob said, “See if the boys are well.” Joseph obeyed. He went to Shechem. He did not find his brothers there. He went on to Dothan. There he found all of them.
The brothers saw Joseph coming. They said “Let us do something to him. Let’s kill him.”
One of the brothers, named Reuben, said, “Let us not kill him.”
When Joseph came nearer, the brothers threw him into a pit. They took away his pretty coat. They left him. God was very angry about what they did.

“Let us not kill him.” – Genesis 37:21

1.      What did Jacob give to Joseph?
2.      Where did Joseph go?
3.      How did God feel at what they did?

(Genesis 37 and 38)
Joseph’s brothers had thrown him into the p it. Soon some men came along. They saw Joseph down in the pit. The brothers said, “We will sell him to you. Give us 20 pieces of silver.” The men bought Joseph. They took him to Egypt. In Egypt the men sold Joseph to an officer.
His brothers took his coat and dipped it in the blood of a young a goat. Now they would show their father the coat. He would think that Joseph had been killed.
The brothers said, “WE have found this coat.” It looks like Joseph’s.”
Jacob knew it was Joseph’s coat. He said, “It is my son’s coat.” Jacob was very sad. His son was gone. He thought a wild beast had killed him. Jacob wept many days. People tried to comfort Jacob. But he would not be comforted.

“His father wept for him.” – Genesis 37:35

1.      Where did Joseph’s brother throw him?
2.      What did they do with the coat?
3.      What did Jacob do when he saw Joseph’s coat?

(Genesis 39)
Joseph always tried to obey. He worked hard for his master. His master was one of the king’s officers. We should work for Jesus. He is our Master. We should obey Him. Jesus said we should obey our parents.
The people liked Joseph. One day the Officer’s wife tried to make Joseph do wrong. But Joseph would not. He left the house.
That night the officer came home. His wife told him Joseph had sinned. The officer was angry, He found Joseph and put him in prison. He did not let Joseph tell the truth. That was not fair to Joseph.
The guard at the prison liked Joseph. He saw that Joseph was not a bad man. He put him in charge of the other men in prison. Everyone in the prison liked Joseph.

“Joseph was a godly person.” – Genesis 39:6

1.      What kind of a worker was Joseph?
2.      Who is our Master?
3.      Name two other people in prison.

(Genesis 40)
Joseph was in prison. The king’s butler was in the same prison too. They met Joseph, They both liked Joseph.
Joseph talked with the butler and the baker. One morning Joseph said, “Why are you so sad?”
They said, “WE have had a dream.”
Joseph asked what they had dreamed. Joseph said, “God will help me tell the meaning of the dream.” Joseph listened closely as they told him their dreams. Then Joseph told them what their dreams meant.
He said to the butler, “In the three days you will be out of prison. Pharaoh, the king, will have you for his butler again.” The butler was happy to hear the meaning of his dream. He was glad that he was going to leave the prison.
Joseph told the baker the meaning of his dream. He said, “In three days something will happen to you too; it is not god. You will die. Pharaoh will hang you.”
Three days passed. Joseph was right when he told meaning of the dreams. The butler was called out of prison. He was asked to be Pharaoh’s butler again.
On the same day the baker was called out. He was hung from a tree. There he died. God had helped Joseph tell the right meanings.

“And he served them.”- Genesis 40:4

1.      Why were the men so sad?
2.      Who told them the meaning of their dreams?
3.      Who helped Joseph?

(Genesis 41)
The butler promised to tell Pharaoh about Joseph. But he forgot his promise. Joseph was in prison two years
One night Pharaoh had a dream. He asked some people to tell him what his dream meant. No one could tell him. That made Pharaoh very unhappy. Then the butler said, “I remember a man in prison. I forgot to tell you about him. His name is Joseph. He told me the meaning of a dream. Everything worked out as he said it would.”
Pharaoh asked the butler to get Joseph out of prison. Joseph washed and changed his clothes. Then he went in to see Pharaoh. Pharaoh said, “I have had a dream. No one can tell me what it means. I heard that you can tell what dreams mean.”
Joseph said, “It’s not in me. It is God. God tells me the meaning, then I can tell it.”
So Pharaoh told Joseph his dream. It was about some fat cows and some thin cows. There was another part to his dream. It was about some good ears of corn and some bad ears of corn. Joseph listened carefully, then he asked God for help. God head his prayer. He gave Joseph the right answer.

“God shall give Pharaoh answer.” – Genesis 41:16

1.      How long did Joseph have to stay in prison?
2.      What was Pharaoh’s dream about?
3.      Who gave Joseph the answer?

(Genesis 41)
Joseph told Pharaoh what his dream meant. Pharaoh said, “Joseph is very wise. I will make him a ruler. I will be the only one higher than he.”
Pharaoh put his ring on Joseph’s finger. He said, “I have put you over all the land of Egypt.” He put a gold chain around Joseph’s neck. He gave him many beautiful clothes. Then Pharaoh said, “You will be In charge of all the food.”
In just a little while all the things Joseph had told Pharaoh really took place. For seven years there were good crops. Food was saved and put in barns.
Then came seven years of famine. This means there was very little food. The people from all countries near Egypt came to Joseph. They asked him for corn because he was in charge of all the food.
God helped Joseph to become a very fine ruler. Joseph loved God, and God blessed him.

“It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer.” – Genesis 41:16

1 What did Pharaoh put on Joseph’s finger?
2. What did Pharaoh put around Joseph’s neck?
3. What happened after seven good years?

(Genesis 42)
Joseph’s father and his brothers were still living in Canaan. There was hardly any food in Canaan. Jacob and his family needed food. One day Jacob said, “Go to Egypt and buy corn. They have food there.” So Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy corn.
Jacob would not let Benjamin go to Egypt. He was afraid something would happen to him. The other ten brothers went to Egypt. When they saw Joseph they bowed down to the ground. When Joseph saw his brothers he knew them. But they did not know him. Joseph looked at his brothers kneeling before him. He remembered his dream. Joseph asked the men where they came from. They answered, “From the land of Canaan.”
Joseph said, “You are spies.”
Joseph’s brothers were frightened. They said, “No, we are twelve brothers. One boy is with our father and one is not at home. There are ten of us here.”
Joseph had them put in prison for three days. Then he said, “Go home and get your smallest brother.” The brothers began to talk to each other. They did not know that Joseph knew what they said. He talked to them in Egyptian. Another man told them in Hebrew what Joseph said. When Joseph heard them talking, he turned away and cried. Joseph loved his brothers even though they had been very mean to him.

“Joseph knew his brethren, but they knew not him.” – Genesis 42:8

1.      Who went to buy corn?
2.      Who stayed at home?
3.      Did Joseph love his brothers?

Joseph kept one brother in prison. He said the others could go home. “Don’t come back for more food until you bring your young brother.”
The brothers carried their sacks of corn. They went only a little way and stopped. They opened their sacks to feed their animals. In the sacks they found their money. They had given that money to Joseph for the corn. Now it was in their sacks. They were scared. “What has God done to us?” they asked.
They hurried home to tell Jacob all that had happened. “We told the ruler that we were not spies. He would listen. He said we cannot come back for food unless we bring Benjamin. He kept Simon there.”
Jacob began to cry. Joseph was gone. They would have to go back to Egypt. Or they would starve. Jacob said he would not let Benjamin go. What would they do without food? Soon they would be very hungry.
God was speaking to these men because they had done wrong. Now God was showing them how they sinned.
“We are true men.” – Genesis 42:31
1.      What did the brothers find in their sacks?
2.      Were they afraid?
3.      Was God speaking to these men?

(Genesis 43)
One of the brothers said, “We must go to Egypt to buy food. There is none here. Soon our children will be hungry. Please let us take Benjamin. We will go back to the ruler.”
At first Jacob said he could not let Benjamin go.
At last he said they could take Benjamin. He said, “Take twice as much money as it will cost. Give the man a present. Maybe he will not be hard on you.”
The brothers took Benjamin and went to Egypt. Joseph saw his brothers. He told his servants to make a big feast. He said, “These men will eat here with me.” The brothers were still afraid. They told Joseph that they found the money in their sacks. Soon Simeon was brought out of prison. Now they could all be together.
Joseph asked, “Is your father well?”
They said, “Yes, he is very well.”
Joseph looked at Benjamin. Quickly he turned around. He went out of the room because he had to cry. Joseph loved Benjamin very much. He had not see him for many years, Joseph then washed his face and went back to the room. The brothers did not know Joseph. He did not look or dress as he did when they sold him.
“Peace be to you, fear not.” – genesis 43:23
1.      Did the brothers go to Egypt again?
2.      What did Joseph do when he looked at Benjamin?
3.      Did the brothers know Joseph?

(Genesis 44)
Joseph’s brothers had dinner with him. Then they talked for awhile. Joseph’s servant filled the sacks with food. They put the money back in the sacks. In Benjamin’s sack they put Joseph’s silver cup.
The next morning the men started for home. Soon one of Joseph’s servants came and stopped them. He said, “Why do you do evil for good? My master gave you food. He filled your sacks. He was good to you. Now you have stolen his cup.” The men said they had not taken the cup. But the servant looked in the sacks. He found Joseph’s cup in Benjamin’s sack. He told all of the men to return to Joseph’s house.
The brothers could not think what had happened. Benjamin said he had not stolen the cup. But how did it get into his sack?
God was speaking to these men. They had been mean to Joseph. Now they were having trouble.

“God has found out.” – Genesis 44:16

1.      What were into Benjamin’ sack
2.      Did the servant find the cup?
3.      Why were they having trouble

(Genesis 45)
The men came back into Joseph’s house. He talked to them. They said they had not stolen his cup. Oh, how sorry they were for all their sins! They knew God was watching them.
But Joseph could not keep his secret. He began to cry out loud. His servants and the people in the house heard him. Then Joseph said, “I am Joseph your brother.”
His brothers were too scared to talk. Joseph asked how his father was. Then he said, “For two years there has been very little food. There will be five more years of this famine.”
Joseph said that they should go and get their father. “Move your families here.” Joseph said he would take care of them. He would give them food and a place to live.
They went home. Quickly told Jacob that Joseph was still alive. Joseph wanted them to come and live in Egypt. When Jacob heard this, he said, “It is enough. Joseph, my son, is yet alive. I will go and see him before I die.” Jacob and his sons were very happy. They had suffered because of their sin. Now God was blessing them. God is good. He gives good things. If we confess our sins, and ask God to forgive us, He can bless us.
“God sent me before you.” – Genesis 45:7

1.      Who heard Joseph cry?
2.      What was the secret Joseph told?
3.      What did Jacob say when he heard the news?

(Genesis 50)
After Jacob heard that Joseph was alive, he and his family moved to Egypt. Pharaoh heard that Joseph’s father and his family were coming. He gave them a special place to live. Jacob and his sons took care of sheep. They took their animals with them to the land of Goshen. They lived there for many years. Joseph have them all the food they needed.
One day Jacob was sick. Joseph went to see him. Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.
Jacob grew very sick. Soon he died. Joseph was sad when his father died. Now Joseph’s brothers thought things might change. They though Joseph might become angry with them. But Joseph loved them. He gave them food and land.
Joseph was growing very old too. After some time he died. They buried him in Egypt. Joseph had been a good man. He had lived for God.
We need to live the way Jesus wants us to live. Jesus died for us. He gave His life so that we could go to Heaven. Have you told your sin to Jesus? Just believe that Jesus can take it away. If you do this, you will become a Christian.

“God meant it unto good.” –Genesis 50:20

1.      Who moved to Egypt?
2.      What happened to Jacob?
3.      Can we be saved and go to Heaven?

(Exodus 2)
Joseph had died, and Pharaoh had died. Now there was a new king in Egypt. This king did not know Joseph. He was a very bad king. He was mean to the people. He made them work very hard. He wanted to get rid of the people of Israel. So he made a new law. He said that every boy baby was to be thrown into river.
There was one mother who did not throw her baby boy into the river. She hid him for three months. Soon she could not hide him any longer. She made a little basket boat. She fixed it so it would not leak. Then she took it to the river. She tucked the little baby safely in it. Every day the baby’s mother and sister would go down to see him. The sister stayed near to watch.
One day the daughter of the king came to the river. She saw the little basket in the water. Her maid opened the basket. They saw the little baby boy. The baby was crying. The king’s daughter felt sorry for him. “Please find a nurse to take care of this little baby,” she said. The little baby’s sister went at once to get his mother.
Pharaoh’s daughter said, “I will call this little baby. Moses, because I took him out of the water.” Moses lived with Pharaoh’s daughter. He grew up in the big palace.
“Take this child away and nurse it.” – Exodus 2:9
1.      What did the mother do with her baby after three months?
2.      Who found the baby?
3.      What did she name him?

(Exodus 3)
When Moses became a man, he took care of sheep. One day he came to a mountain. At this mountain he saw a bush on fire. The bush did not burn;; it was just on fire. Moses stepped nearer to see why it did not up.
All at once God called, “Moses, Moses.”
Moses said, “Here am I.”
God said that He was going to use him. God said, “I want you to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt. Go to the King. Ask him to let the people go.”
Moses said, “Who am I? I cannot go to a king.” God said, “I will go with you.” God took care of Moses and led him. He takes care of us too.
God always helps us. He helps us in everything. He helps us when things are hard. God can do everything.

“I will be with thee.” –Exodus 3:12

1.      What happened to the bush?
2.      Who called Moses?
3.      Who will be with us?

(Exodus 4)
God talked to Moses from the burning bush. God said, What do you have in your hand?”
Moses said, “A rod.” Moses was holding his shepherd’s rod in hand.
God said, “Throw your rod on the ground.”
Moses obeyed. This time the snake turned into a road again.
God said, “See, I am going to do great things through you, even greater than this.”
Moses said, “But I am not a god speaker. I cannot talk to a king.”
God said, “Aaron, your brother, will come to meet you.” Together Moses and Aaron went to Egypt. God was going to use them both speak to King Pharaoh. So Moses spoke to Aaron and Aaron spoke to the people.
God will help us talk for Him too. We should tell other people about Jesus. We should ask Jesus to help us to say right words.
“And the people believed.” -  Exodus 4:31

1.      What happened to his rod?
2.      What happened to the snake?
3.      Who was Moses’ helper?

(Exodus 5 and 6)
Moses and Aaron went to see King Pharaoh. They said, “God said you should let his people go.”
Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord? I don’t know God. I will not let the people of Israel go.”
Pharaoh was using God’s people as servants/ He made them work very hard. He did not want to let them go.
After Moses and Aaron talked to Pharaoh, he treated the people even worse. He made them work very, very hard. The people began to grumble at Moses and Aaron. They saw that things were worse since they talked to Pharaoh. Moses told the people that God who would not listen to him.
God said,” The Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord. I will perform great things through you. Take your rod and go back to Pharaoh. I will show him that I am God.”

“I am the Lord.” – Exodus 6:2

1.      Where did Moses and Aaron go?
2.      What did Pharaoh say?
3.      Why did he want to keep these people?

(Exodus 7 to 10)
Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh again. They told him that God was going to do miracles. Miracles are special things which only God can do.
So God did some miracles. He changed the rod of Moses into a snake. The rivers turned to blood. There were frogs all over. God made lice and flies to come all over the land. The cows died. People and animals got boils all over their bodies. Hail fell on the land. Locusts flew all over the country, everything became dark.
Each time one of these things would happen Pharaoh would call Moses. He told Moses to take people out of Egypt. Just as they were ready to move, Pharaoh would change his mind. Then God would let another thing happen.
Then God said to Moses, “I will do one more miracle.
This time Pharaoh will let you go.”
Again Moses and Aaron talked to Pharaoh. They said, “Let the people go. God will do one more miracle. You must obey God.”
We must obey God too. God loves us. He wants us to love Him. He wants us to obey Him. When we do not obey, He has to punish us.
“Let me people…serve me.” –Exodus 8:20

1.      What happened to the rivers?
2.      Who got boils?
3.      Who told Pharaoh about this last miracle?
(Exodus 11 and 12)
Nine times God punished Pharaoh. But he still disobeyed. Now He had one more miracle. God said, “If Pharaoh does not obey him this time, the oldest child of every family will die.” This will happen in Pharaoh’s every family too. It will happen at midnight.” Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh. They told him what God said. But Pharaoh would not let the people go.
God said to the people of Israel, “I will take care of you. Kill a lamb. Put the blood of this little lamb on your house. Put it on both sides of the door. Put it on the top of the door too. The angel will pass over, but will kill the oldest boy in the house of Egyptians.
That night every Jewish family killed a lamb. They took the blood and put it on the sides and top of the door. When all the people were sleeping, the angel of the Lord came. He saw blood on some of the houses. He did not kill the oldest child in those houses. Then he saw the Egyptian houses. There was no blood on the sides or on the top of the door. So the oldest child died. They had not obeyed God.
“When I see the blood, I will pass over you.” –Exodus 12:13

1.      What would happen to the oldest child?
2.      What would God do to Pharaoh’s oldest child?
3.      Who came at midnight?

(Exodus 14)
Pharaoh heard that the oldest child in every family died. His oldest son died too. He was afraid then. He knew that God had done this. He told Moses to take people of Israel and go far, far away.
They began their journey. God led them. During the daytime followed a cloud. At night they followed a big light, like fire. God watched over them both day and night. After Pharaoh saw them leave, he changed his mind again. He said, “I won’t let those people go.” He got his army. All the men of Egypt followed the people of Israel.
The people of Israel came to Red sea. Moses put out his hand. God made the water to go back. He made a path for them. In the middle of the sea. Then all the people of Israel walked through on dry ground.
Pharaoh’s army thought they could do the same. They walked into the path. But as they came to the middle, the water came back. They were all drowned. God drowned Pharaoh’s army. He took care of the people of Israel.
God has said, “I will not leave you.” He will be with us all of the time.

“Fear ye not,” Exodus 14:13
1.      Who died in Egypt’s families?
2.      What happened to Pharaoh’s army at the sea?
3.      Who took care of Israel?

(Exodus 15 and 16)
The people of Israel began to whine. They said, “We are thirsty. There is nothing but bitter water here.” They were angry. They said, “What shall we drink?”
Moses prayed to God. God took them to a place called Elim. Here they found 12 wells of water. Now there was plenty of water. God had given them good water.
Soon the people became hungry. Once more they whined. They told Moses they wanted something to eat,
Moses prayer to God again. Early the next morning the people went out. They found a small round thing on the ground. When they looked at it they said, “It is manna.”
Moses said, “This is the food which God has given you.” God told them to take only enough food for each day. Everyday for 40 years God supplied food.
“The Lord hath given.” –Exodus 16:15

1.      How many wells of water did they find?
2.      What kind of food did God give them?
3.      What did people call it?

(Exodus 20)
God gave His laws to Moses. The people were to obey them. God told Moses that He had been with the people. He had brought them out of the land of Egypt, and He had taken them through the Red sea. He had given them water to drink and food to eat. Now He would give them His laws which we call the Ten Commandments.
He told them they were to worship only God. He said they were not to swear. He said they should work only six days. They should rest on the seventh day. God also told them to honor their fathers and their mothers. He said they should not kill. They should not steal. They should not tell lies. He gave them other rules too.
Jesus talked about these laws. We try to obey. We try to obey our mothers and fathers. We go to Sunday school and Church. We know we should not steal or swear. When we do these things, we break God’s laws. We cannot keep God’s laws unless we have Jesus as our Friend. The Bible says that everyone has broken His laws. Jesus took our punishment for sin. He died on the cross. If we will let Jesus come into our hearts, He will take away our sin.
“Honor thy father and thy mother.” –Exodus 20:12

1.      What did God give Moses
2.      What were they to do the other day?
3.      Who can take away our sins?

(Exodus 25 to 27)
The people of Israel were walking through the desert. They could not go home for church. They had to make their church. Some gave gold, some silver, and some brass. Some gave other gifts. Soon there was enough to build a church. They called their church the tabernacle. All the men helped buil the tabernacle. They used wood, silver, gold, and brass to make their tabernacle.
When the tabernacle was all done, they made the furniture to put in it. God told them what to make, and how to candlesticks. They had tables and many other things in the tabernacle. God had told them how big they should make their tabernacle. He also told them what size to make the furniture. It was a beautiful tabernacle.
After the tabernacle and furniture were made, they made a big wall. This wall was to be around the tabernacle. Only the people of Israel could come in. God had helped them through the desert. Now He had helped them build their church. How happy they were! They loved God very much.
God has given us many things. He has given us a church. We can go to church and Sunday school to hear about God’s Son, the Lord Jesus. Have you thanked Him for what He has done for you?
“There I will meet with thee.” –Exodus 25:22
1.      What gifts did the people make?
2.      What did they build?
3.      What did they call their church?

(Exodus 28)
God had given the people of Israel their church. They needed a minister. God said He would choose Aaron. Aaron was called a priest. We call ours ministers or pastor.
Aaron’s sons would help him in the tabernacle. God told Moses what kind of clothes Aaron should wear. He was to wear a long robe with fancy work on it. It was a beautiful rove. This beautiful robe had gold, blue, purple, and red it.
The minister was to go into the tabernacle for the people. He would go in and pray to God. He would tell God the things the people needed.
Jesus is a priest for us. He tells His Father what we need. So we pray to Jesus. When we do wrong, we should go to Jesus. When we are sick, we go to Jesus and ask Him to help us. When we need something, we can go to Jesus and ask Him to give it to us. Jesus loves us. He will give us what is best. Jesus takes a good care of His children.
“Aaron… goeth… before the Lord.” –Exodus 28:35
1.      What did they call the minister?
2.      What did he wear?
3.      What colors were in the robe?

(Numbers 13)
For almost two years the people of Israel had been walking through the desert. Now they were coming to a new country. They wondered what this country was like. Moses said, “We will choose some men. They will go in and look at the land and tell us what it is like” They called these men spies because they were to look over the land. Moses chose 12 men.
For 40 days these spies were gone. When they came back, they said, “It is a good land. It has milk and honey. There are grapes and other good fruit there. But we can never go there. They have big, thick walls around their cities. The people look like giants. They will kill us.”
But Joshua and Caleb, two of the spies, said, “We can go in there. God will help us get the land. He will take care of us.”
The people had forgotten that God had helped them. God had given then water. He had given them food. God had taken care of them when they were in Egypt.
We should not forget what God has done for us. He has taken care of us. We need to say, “Thank You, God, for all You have done for us.”
“Let us go up at once, and posses it.” –Numbers 13:30
1.      What were the men called who went to look at the land?
2.      How many spies were there?
3.      What did they say about the men there?

(Numbers 20 and 21)
Moses’ sister Miriam died in the desert called Zin. After awhile, the people found that there was no water. They begin to grumble again. Moses asked God what he should do. God said, Take your rod and get the people together. Then speak to the rock and you will get water.”
Moses was angry with his people. He called them together; then he hit the rock with his rod. Water came out and the people had plenty of it. God was sorry that Moses had disobeyed. Now Moses would have to be punished.
We must be punished when we disobey God.
God saw that the people of Israel were no thankful. He did not like to see them that way. God would punish them. He sent snakes in to the caps. Snakes were all over. Many of the people died from snake bites. Then the people knew that they had sinner. They asked Moses to help. God told Moses to make a brass snake ad put it high up on a pole. When the people looked at this, they would be made well.
Jesus was put upon cross. He died on the cross for your sins. Do you believe this?
“Moses prayed for the people.” –Numbers 21:7
1.      What did the people do when there was not water?
2.      What did God tell Moses to do?
3.      What did Moses do for the snake bites?

(1 Samuel 2)
Hannah had given Samuel to God. She said, “I will lend Him to the Lord as long as he lives.”
Every year Hannah and her husband went to the temple. There they saw Samuel. There they worshipped God. Each year they saw that Samuel had grown bigger. They were glad that Samuel was helping in the temple.
Eli had charge of the temple. He had two sons. His sons did not love God. They were wicked sons. They did not obey their father. They did not obey God. Eli was sad because his sons were not good boys.
Samuel’s mother always made his clothes. Every year she brought him a new coat. Don’t you think he looked forward to seeing his mother? I think he was glad to get a new coat every year, don’t you?
Hannah had other children, there boys and two girls. She had to take care of them too. Samuel grew to be a young man. All the people liked Samuel. God knew that Samuel was good. God blessed Samuel.
“There is none holy as the Lord.” -1 Samuel 2:2
1.      What did Hannah do with Samuel?
2.      What did Samuel get each year?
3.      What did the people think of Samuel?

(1 SAMUEL 3)
Samuel worked very hard every day. At night he went right to sleep because he was tired. One night he heard a voice calling.
Samuel got up and ran to Eli. He said, “Here am I, you called me.”
Eli said, “I did not call you.” Samuel went back bed. Once more Samuel heard his name. He went to Eli again. “Here am I, did you call me?”
Again Eli said, “I did not call you. God back to bed.”
God called Samuel the third time. The third time Samuel went to Eli and said, “Here am I, you really did call me.”
Now Eli knew God was calling Samuel. He told Samuel to go back to bed, and if he heard the voice again, to say, “Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth.”
Samuel went back to bed. Once more he heard his name. This time Samuel said, “Speak, for thy servant heareth.”
God told Samuel to take a message to Eli. God was going to use Samuel. Samuel loved the Lord. He wanted to do everything to obey Him.
“Speak; for thy servant heareth,” –1 Samuel 3:10
1.      How many times did Samuel go to Eli?
2.      Who called Samuel?
3.      What did Samuel say?

(1 Samuel 9 and 10)
Samuel grew to be a godly man. He lived as God wanted him to live. We need to live as God wants us to live. One day God said to Samuel. “The people want a king. I want you to choose that king.” Samuel looked around. He saw a young man named Saul. Saul was very tall and fine looking.
Saul took care of his father’s animals. One day some of them were lost. Saul went to look for them. While he was looking for them, he met Samuel. God had spoken to Samuel. God told him that Saul would be coming. He told Samuel that this was the man who was to be King.
Samuel took a small bottle of oil. He poured it on Saul’s head. That meant that he would be the king.
Samuel called all the people together. He told them around at Saul. They saw that he was taller than anyone else. They were glad that Saul was to be their new King. God had chosen Saul.
“The Lord hath anointed thee.”- 1 Samuel 10:1
1.      What did the people want?
2.      What did Samuel do to Saul?
3.      Who was the new king?

(1 Samuel  13 to 15)
Saul was the new king. He put 3000 men in his army. He was ready to fight the Philistines. Jonathan was Saul’s son. He would help his father fight.
The Philistines were enemies. They had many more people than Saul. They were ready to fight against Saul and his army.
The people of Israel were afraid. They hid themselves in caves, behind rocks and other places.
Saul was to meet Samuel in Gilgal. Saul waited seven days for Samuel. Samuel did not come. Saul said, “I will offer burnt offering.” This was Samuel’s work. Saul should not have don’t it.
When Samuel came, he said, “What have you done?”
Saul said, “I waited for you, and you did not come, so I made the offering.”
Samuel told Saul that he was very foolish. He had not kept the word of the lord.
“Now your kingdom cannot continue.” Samuel said,” Samuel said. He told Saul that he had looked for a man who would obey God. Saul had not obeyed God. God would now look for a new king.
“Fear the Lord, and serve him.” _1 Samuel 12:24
1.      Who was the new king?
2.      Where was Saul to meet Samuel?
3.      What would happen to Saul’s kingdom?

(1 Samuel 16)
King Samuel had not obeyed God. God told Samuel to start looking for a new king. Samuel went to Bethlehem. God said, “You will find a king here. Don’t chooses for his good looks, for God looks on the heart.
Samuel came to the house of Jesse. Jesse had many sons Samuel looked at Jesse’s boys. He looked at one and then another. Finally he had seen of them. Then Samuel said to Jesse, “Are theses all your children?”
Jesse told Samuel that there was one more boy. He said, “He is the youngest. He is out taking care of the sheep.”
Samuel said, “Go and get him.”
Soon David came into the room. God told Samuel that David was to be the new king. Samuel took the oil. He anointed David as king. David’s brothers saw that he was anointed king.
God had first chosen Saul. Saul had not obeyed. Now God chose another man, David was a man after God’s own heart.
“The Lord looketh on the heart.” – 1 Samuel 16:7
1.      Who failed God?
2.      Where was David?
3.      Who was the new king?

(1 SAMUEL 16 AND 17)
David had anointed king, but he could not be the real king yet. Saul was still on the throne. Saul became very wicked. He was not happy.
One of his servants said to him, “Why don’t you get someone to play harp? That will make you feel better.” Saul thought that was a good idea. David was called to play the harp. David played, and Saul was happy.
Soon the people of Israel had to fight the Philistines. The Philistine army had a giant. The giant’s name was Goliath. King Saul needed someone to fight the giant. David said, “I will fight him.” Saul gave David his armor and helmet.
David said, “I cannot were these. God will help me. David picked up some stones. He had his sling in his hand, and God helped him.
David took one of the stones, put it in his sling, and hit the giant. The giant fell to the ground. David took the giant’s sword and killed him. God had helped him.
“The Lord be with thee.” -1 Samuel 17:37
1.      Who came to play the harp?
2.      What was the giant’s name?
3.      Who helped David kill the giant?

(1 Samuel 18 to 21)
David had killed the giant. The people called David a hero. They said, “Saul is brave and strong, but David is ten times as brave and strong.” Saul did not like this. He did not like to have David get more credit than he. He was jealous of David.
One day David was playing his harp for King Sal. The king was still angry at David. He wanted to kill him. Twice Saul tried to harm him, but God took care of David.
Jonathan. The king’s son, and David were very good friends. Jonathan did not want his father to harm David. Jonathan told David to hide in the field. He said, “I will let you know if it is safe for you to come out.”
Three days later Jonathan gave David a message. He said that Saul was still after him. So David decided to run away and hide. God was taking care of David. God takes care of us.
“The Lord was with him.” -1 Samuel 18:14
1.      What did David play
2.      What did Saul try to do to David?
3.      Who takes care David

(1 Samuel 26 to 31)
For many months David hid from King Saul. Many times Saul and his army almost caught up with David. But God took care of David.
One day David saw King Saul and his soldiers sleeping. This was David’s chance! Should he capture the king? If David did, he would be free. If he did not, he might lose his own life. David asked God what he should do. God helped him. David did not harm the king.
Sometime later Saul went to war. The philistines were fighting again. Many people were hurt and killed in this war. King Saul and his sons were among them. Saul was a king who had forgotten God.
We cannot forget God. We should ask God to help us in everything. God loves us. He watches over us. He takes care of us. We should not forget Him.
“The Lord liveth.” – 1 Samuel 26:10
1.      From what did David hide?
2.      What did Saul want to do to David?
3.      Who takes care of us?

(Joshua 5 and 6)
After sometime Moses died, and Joshua was the next leader. God told the people to move into the city of Jericho. The king of Jericho saw the people coming. He closed big gates to the city. No one could get in.
Joshua walked up to the big walls. There he saw a man. He said, “Are you on our side?” The man said, “The Lord sent me. I am here to give you a message.”
Joshua was afraid. He fell down on the ground. He said, “What message do you have?”
The man said, “Take off your shoes. You are standing on holy ground.” Then he gave Joshua a message.
The Lord promised Joshua that he would get Jericho. He said, “March around the city once each day. Do that for six days. On the seventh day march around the city seven times.” Some men were to carry trumpets. They  were to blow a long sound on their trumpets and the people would shout. The walls of the city would fall then.
Joshua told the people what God said. The people obeyed God. For six days they marched around the city once each day. The seventh day they marched around it seven times. Then the trumpets blew loud and long. The people shouted, and the walls fell down. Then Joshua and the people went in and took Jericho. God helped them again.
“Art thou for us?” –Joshua 5:13
1.      What was the name of the city?
2.      How many days did they march around?
3.      What happened when the trumpets blew and the people shouted?
(Judges 13)
When Joshua was 110 years old, he died. He had been a good man. He had led God’s people to the Promise Land. He had obeyed God. But now the people seemed to forget God.
There was one family who loved God. The man’s name was Manoah. Manoah and his wife did not have any children. God promised them that they would have a boy. He said that this son was not to have haircut.. He was not drink any strong drinks. He was to be a special child for God.
When this baby was born, they named him Samson. Samson grew, and the Lord blessed him. He became very strong. One day Samson killed a lion. The Lord gave Samson special strength.
Samson did something wrong. He went with a girl who did not love God. He wanted to marry her. Samson’s father and mother told him it was not right for him to marry that girl. He belonged to God, and he should marry a girl who belonged to God. But Samson did not obey.
“And they forsook the Lord.” –Judges 2:13
1.      How old was Joshua when he died?
2.      How was Samson different from other boys?
3.      Who warned Samson about his sin?

(Judges 14)
Samson decided to marry the girl who did not love God. This was wrong. Samson’s father told him it was wrong. But Samson would not listen to his father.
The wedding took place. Samson and the Philistine girl were married. At the wedding there was a big party. Samson said, “I have a riddle. If you can answer the riddle I will give you a present. If you cannot answer the riddle, you will give me a present.”
Samson gave the riddle. The people thought and thought about it. But they could not find the answer. They asked Samson’s wife. She asked her husband. Samson said, “I cannot tell you. Even my father and mother do not know.”
Samson’s wife began to cry. She said, “You do not love me or you would tell.”
Samson felt sorry for his wife. He told her the answer to the riddle. Then she told the men.
Soon the men told Samson the right answer. Samson knew his wife had told them, and he was very angry. He left her and ran away. Samson had done wrong. Now he was unhappy.
“I have not told… shall I tell?” –Judges 14:16
1.      What did Samson do at the wedding?
2.      How did they find the answer?
3.      What did Samson do after his wife told the men the answer?

(Judges 15)
After a few days Samson began to think about his wife. He decided he would go back to her and he did. She married another man. Now Samson became angry. He went out and caught 300 foxes. He tied them together tow by two and put a stick of fire between them. The foxes ran all over the field and set the fields on fire.
The Philistines knew that Samson had done it. They went to Samson’s wife’s house. They set her house on fire. She and her father died. Samson began to see that he had been wrong to marry this girl. She was not like his people.
Soon Samson was given over to the Philistine’s army. They thought they would kill him. They tied him with big ropes. Samson broke the ropes. He was still very strong. Then he found a jawbone lying on the ground. He took it and swung it back and forth. He killed 1000 of the wicked Philistines. The next morning they were afraid. They knew God was with Samson..
“The Lord… has given this great deliverance.” –Judges 15:18
1.      How many foxes did Samson catch?
2.      What did he do with them?
3.      Who was with Samson?

(Judges 16)
Once more Samson went with a Philistine girl. Her name was Delilah. The ungodly Philistines saw that he was going with Delilah. They asked her to help them capture Samson.
One day Samson came to see Delilah. She said, “What makes you so strong?” Samson did not tell her. He told her to tie him with seven green ropes. Then he would be weak.
Samson lay down. He went to sleep. Quickly Delilah tied him. Then she called, “Samson, the Philistines are here.” Samson awoke. He found that he was tied. There stood the Philistines. God make Samson very strong. He broke all the ropes.
Delilah went to Samson again. She said, “You lied to me. Tell me why you are so strong.”
Again Samson lied. He said, “Tie me with new ropes. Then I will be as weak as any other man.”
Delilah tied Samson with new ropes. But Samson broke these ropes like thread; Three times Delilah tried to find out why Samson was so strong. But she could not find the real reason.
“His soul was vexed.” –Judges 16:16
1.      What was Samson’s girl friend’s name?
2.      How many times did she ask Samson what made him strong?
3.      How many times did he lie to her?

(Judges 16)
Delilah tried to get Samson to tell her the truth. “Why are you really so strong?”She asked.
One day he told her that he was to be a worker for God. “If you would shave my hair off,” he said, “I will not be strong at all.” Delilah believed him. She knew now that he was telling the truth.
As soon as Samson was asleep, she called a man to shave off his hair. Then Delilah cried, “The Philistines are here!” Samson tried to get up. But he found he was very weak. He was no longer strong. The philistines were very happy.
They captured him. They put out his eyes. They put him in prison and made him grind stones all day. This was hard work. Samson was being punished. God punishes us when we sin. He loves us. He wants us to be good. We must learn to obey God. When we do not obey Him, we sin. God will punish all who sin.”
“He told her all his heart.” –Judges 16:17
1.      What would make Samson weak?
2.      What happened to Samson when they shaved off his hair?
3.      Who will punish us when we sin?

Samson had not obeyed God. The Philistines had put him in prison. While he was there, his hair began to grow again. God had not forgotten Samson.
The Philistine rulers decided to have a big party. Someone said,” Let us get Samson; we will make a big joke about him.” They sent a young boy to get Samson. He could not see, for he was blind.
Samson asked God to make him strong again. God heard Samson. He knew that Samson had learned his lesson. All at once Samson felt very strong.
Samson came to the party. He put his arms around the pillars. Then he pulled those pillars. All at once the building came down. Thousands of people died. Many of them were hurt. Samson died too, but he had killed more Philistines that one day than he had done in his whole life.
“o Lord God, remember me.” –Judges 16:28
1.      Who went to get Samson?
2.      Why could not Samson see the boy?
3.      Who gave Samson his strength back?

(Ruth 1)
There was a famine in Bethlehem. That means there was no food. People had a hard time to find enough to eat. One woman, named Naomi, wanted to leave Bethlehem. She took her family to the land called Moab. Then Naomi’s husband died.
While they were there, her sons married. One of them married a girl named Ruth. One of them married a girl named Orpah.
Then both men died and Ruth and Orpah were left alone with Naomi.
Naomi decided to go back to Bethlehem. The family was over. “Now,” she said, “I will go back to my people. You go back to your people.”
Orpah turned and went back. She went to live with her own people.
Ruth would not leave her mother in law. She said, “I want to go with you. I want to live where you live. You want your people to be my people. I want your God to be my God.” So Ruth and Naomi went to Bethlehem to live together.
“We will return with thee.” –Ruth 1:10
1.      What happens when a famine comes?
2.      Did Naomi stay in Moab?
3.      Who went with Naomi when she went home?

(Ruth 2 to 4)
Ruth lived with Naomi. Ruth went out to find food. She went out to the fields to pick corn.
Soon the man who owned the fields came along. His name was Boaz. He was very kind to Ruth. He gave her extra food. He told his men to leave corn for her. Ruth told Naomi what Boaz did for her. She said he had been kind. Ruth worked hard. She picked lots of corn. Naomi and Ruth had plenty of food to eat.
One day Boaz and Ruth were married. They began a new home. God sent them a baby boy. Ruth believed in God. He blessed her. First He sent Boaz to her. Then He sent a little son. They called the baby Obed. Many, many years passed, then Jesus was born on this same family. Jesus is called the son of David. David was the son of a man named Jesse; Jesse was the son of a man named Obed; and Obed was the son of this man Boaz who married Ruth.

“The Lord… hath not left thee.” –Ruth 4:14
1.      How did Ruth het her food?
2.      Who helped her?
3.      Did God gave Ruth and Boaz a baby boy or girl?

(I Samuel 1)
Elkanah was a man who loved God very much. His wife’s name was Hannah. Elkanah and Hannah had no children. They wanted a little baby. Every year they went to the temple. They worshipped God there. Hannah prayed to God to give her a little baby. God heard Hannah’s prayer. He said, “I will give you a little boy.”
One day a baby boy was born. Hannah named him Samuel. She took care of Samuel. She loved Samuel very much. She knew he belonged to God. God had given her this baby. She would give him back to the Lord.
When Samuel was old enough, Hannah took him to the temple. She gave Samuel to the priest. The priest’s name was Eli. She said, “The Lord gave me this little boy. I will give him back to the Lord.” Hannah went back home. Samuel stayed at the temple. She said, “As long as he liveth, he shall be lent to the Lord.
We should give our hearts to the Lord. Jesus died on the cross for us. We should do something for Him. We should ask Him to make our hearts clean. Jesus can take away all sin. Have you asked Jesus to make your heat clean?

“I have lent him to the Lord.” –I Samuel 1:28
1.      What did God give these people?
2.      What did they name this baby?
3.      Where did they take him?

(I Samuel 5 to 9)
Jonathan and Saul were dead. David was very sad when he heard about this. He loved Jonathan with all his heart. David cried when he heard that Jonathan and Saul died.
David would now be King in Saul’s place. David loved God. He wanted to help the people love God.
One day David asked his servant whether there was anyone left of the house of king Saul. His servant said there was a son of Jonathan who was lame. David felt sorry for the boy.
He remembered his promise to Jonathan that he would be kind to his family. The boy’s name was Mephibosheth. David called for the boy. Mephibosheth was afraid of King David, and bowed down before him.
David said, “Do not be afraid, I want to be your friend.”
David told Mephibosheth that Jonathan had been his very best friend. David loved Jonathan’s son. He gave him a place to live in Jerusalem. Jonathan and David had him a place to live in Jerusalem. Jonathan and David had been good friends. David showed kindness to Jonathan’s son.
“David grew great… the Lord God…. Was with him.” –I Samuel 5:10
1.      Who was the new king?
2.      Who was the crippled boy?
3.      What did David do for him?

(II Samuel 11 and 12)
David loved the Lord. He tried to live right. One day David did a very wrong thing. He sinned.
David looked at a woman named Bathsheba. This woman was married to Uriah. David wanted Bathsheba to be his wife. David knew it was wrong to have Uriah’s wife.
David sinned when he put Uriah in the front of the army. Soon Uriah was killed. God did not like what David had done. Bathsheba heard that her husband had been killed. She cried for her husband. David tried to comfort her. Later she and David were married.
David knew that he had been wicked before God. God had to punish David.
David’s little baby became very sick. David prayed to God. Seven days went by, then the baby died. David was left without the baby he loved.
When we sin, God may punish us by taking away something or someone we love. We should let the Lord’s way be our way. Do you love the Lord? Do you live His wats?
“David… displeases the Lord.” – II Samuel 11:27
1.      What did David do to Uriah?
2.      How did God punish David?
3.      What happens when we sin?

David’s Family
(II Samuel 12 to 18)
David had a son. His name was Solomon. He was to be the king after his father died.
David had another son. His name was Absalom. Absalom was a naughty son. He did many naughty things. Absalom was very nice looking. He became very proud. Absalom decided he would like to be king. He thought he could take his father’s place. He talked to some of the people. The people believed him. David heard what Absalom was doing. David was very sorry.
One day Absalom was riding a mule. He rode under a big oak tree. There was a low branch on this tree. Absalom’s hair caught in the tree. The mule ran away and Absalom hung from the tree. Soon some enemies came and killed him.
David was told that Absalom had died. David went to his room. He cried, and said, “O my son Absalom, O Absalom, my son, my son. I wish I had died instead of you.” David was very sorry that his son had been wicked. David was very sorry that his son had died.
“Would God I had died for thee.” –II Samuel 18:33
1.      Who was Solomon?
2.      Who was Absalom?
3.      How did Absalom die?
(Esther 1 and 2)
Ahasuerus was a king. One day he had a party. Vashti was the queen. King Ahasuerus sent for the queen. She would not come. This made the king sad. He said, “She shall no longer be queen. I will get a new queen.”
King Ahasuerus knew a woman named Esther. Esther loved God. There were other women that he knew, but King Ahasureus liked Esther best. She was a god woman and the king loved her. He put a crown in her head and made her queen in the place of Vashti.
The king gave a big party and asked all the princes to come. He called all the servants. There were many people at the party. He told them Esther was now the queen. Esther loved and lived for God. He blessed her.
We should live for God. God will bless us and give is good things. God gives things to us every day. We should thank Him. Have you thanked God today?

“Esther obtained favor in the sight of all.”- Esther 2:15
2.      Who was the new queen?
3.      Who gives us all good things?

(Esther 3 to 10)
King Ahasuerus had a helper. His name was Haman. The king gave Haman a good job. Many people bowed to Haman. Mordecai loved God. He would not bow to Haman. This made Haman very angry. Haman told the king Mordecai did not obey the law. Haman said that he should be killed. King Ahasuerus said to do what seemed right.
Haman began to plan Mordecai’s death. Esther knew what Haman was planning. She had a party. The king was going to honor one man. Haman thought he was the man. Haman planned to have Mordecai hung.
The king learned that Haman was an enemy. He became very angry with Haman. King Ahasuerus changed. Haman’s plans. Haman was hanged instead of Mordecai. God helped King Ahasuerus. God helped Esther. God helped Mordecai. Haman was wicked. God punished Haman.
“Do….. as it seemeth good.” –Esther 3:11
1.      Who would not bow to Haman?
2.      What did Haman plan to do to Mordecai?
3.      Who helped Esther?

(Daniel 1)
Daniel and some others had been brought to Babylon. The king’s servant gave them some of the king’s wine. He gave them some of his meat. Daniel would not drink this wine. Daniel said, “Let us eat our way for ten days. Then look at us. If we are not better, we will eat your way.” The king’s servant thought that this was a good idea.
For ten days Daniel and his friends ate bread and vegetables. They drank water instead of wine. At the end of the ten days the king’s servant looked at them. They had strong bodies and good minds. The king’s servant saw that they were very wise.
For three years Daniel and his friends grew strong and wise. They were ten times wiser than all the other men. They gave them good jobs.
We should be strong for God. We should say no to things that are wrong. Daniel and his friends said no. They became very wise.
“Daniel had understanding.” –Daniel 1:17
1.      What did the king’s servant feed Daniel?
2.      How many days did they eat their own food?
3.      What did the food do for them?

(Daniel 6)
Daniel became one of the king’s helpers. The king liked Daniel. The king’s name was Darius. Some of the men were jealous of Daniel.
One day they made a new law. Men were not to ask anything of anyone but the king. The king signed it. These men watched Daniel. They watched him go to his house. There Daniel prayed. The men told the king that Daniel did not obey the law. King Darius did not want to punish Daniel. But he had broken the law. Daniel would have to be punished.
Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. The king said to Daniel, “Your God will help you.” All night Daniel was in the lions’ den. The night the king could not sleep. He was worried about Daniel.
Early the next morning, he went to the lions’ den. He saw Daniel. The lions had not hurt him. God had been with Daniel. The king saw that Daniel was well. He said, “We will make a new law. Everyone shall worship God.”
“My God hath sent his angel.” –Daniel 6:22
1.      Who signed the new law?
2.      What happened to Daniel when he prayed?
3.      What did the lions do?

(Jonah 1 to 4)
God sometimes calls men. He wants them to be his helpers. God called Jonah. He said, “Go to Nineveh. Tell them to stop sinning. Tell them to be sorry for their sin.”
Jonah did not want to go to Nineveh. He thought he could run away from God. Jonah went to Joppa. There he saw a ship. Jonah bought a ticket. He got on the ship.
A big storm came up. All the sailors were afraid. It was a terrible storm. Jonah was sleeping. They woke him up. They said, “Call on your God.” Jonah told the sailors that he was running away from God. He told the sailors they should throw him away into the sea and they did.
A big fish came and swallowed Jonah. For three days and three night Jonah lived inside the fish. Then the fish opened his mouth. Jonah came out.
Again God told Jonah to go to Nineveh. This time Jonah obeyed.

“I FEAR THE Lord.” –Jonah 1:9
1.      Where did God tell Jonah to go?
2.      What did the sailors do to Jonah?
3.      What swallowed Jonah?

(Matthew 1)
Mary was a lovely lady. She was soon to be married to Joseph.
Just before she and Joseph were married an angel came to her. The angel said, “You are going to be the mother of the Saviour. He will save the people from their sin.
His name will be Jesus.”
Mary and Joseph were married. An angel talked to Joseph. He told Joseph that Mary was going to have a baby. He said he was God’s child, not Joseph’s. They would call His name Jesus.
Then Jesus was born. Mary named the little baby, Jesus. Jesus was to be the Savior of the world.
His name means Savior. It means that He will take away sin. Jesus came as a little baby. He was to grow up to die on the cross. He would die for our sins. Jesus came to die.
“Call his name Jesus,”-Matthew 1:21
1.      Who talked to Mary?
2.      What did the angel tell her?
3.      What did Mary call her Baby?

(Matthew 2)
Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Some Wise Men came to visit Him. Herod was the king. The Wise Men went to Herod. They said, “Where is the king of the Jews? We saw His star. We came to worship Him.” Herod was not happy. He did not want anyone else to be king.
Herod’s servant knew what the Bible said. It said that Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem. Herod went back to the Wise Men. He said, “Go and find the young child. When you find Him, tell me. I want to Worship Him. He wanted to kill Jesus.
The wise Men went to find Jesus, They followed a star. Soon they found Jesus. They brought Him some presents. How happy they were to go back to King Herod. They went home another way. Joseph also had a dream. God told him to take little Jesus and His mother and go to Egypt. Joseph obeyed.
“They presented unto him gifts.” Matthew 2:11
1.      Who was the king?
2.      What did the Wise Men bring Jesus?
3.      Where did Joseph take Mary and Jesus?

(Matthew 3)
John the Baptist was a strong man. He preached to the people. He told all the people to repent of their sins. John told people about Jesus. John did not have many clothes. But God was taking care of him.
Many people came to hear John. Some of them said, “I want to be baptized.”
John said, “First you must be sorry for your sin. You must leave your sin.”
One day John was preaching to the people. Then Jesus came. He knew that John was preaching. Jesus said to John, “I cannot baptize you.” But Jesus asked him again. John obeyed Jesus. He Baptized Jesus.
Jesus came up from the water. Then He heard a voice. This voice came from Heaven. The voice said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”
“Prepare ye the way of the Lord.” –Matthew 3:3
1.      What did John tell the people who came to hear him?
2.      Who came to be baptized be John?
3.      What did John say to Jesus?

(Matthew 4)
One day Jesus was walking by the sea of Galilee. There He saw two brothers. One of them was named Simon. His brother’s name was Andrew. Both of them were fishermen. They were throwing a fishing net into the water. Jesus saw them throwing the net into the water. He said. “Follow me. I will make you fishers of men.” Simon and Andrew dropped their nets farther. They followed Jesus.
Jesus went a little farther. He saw two more brothers. One man’s name was James. His brother’s name was John. They were in a ship with their father. Their father’s name was Zebedde. They were fixing their nets. Jesus called them. They left their father and followed Jesus.
Jesus now had four helpers. People stopped to listen to Jesus. They heard Him talk in the temple. They heard Him talk out in the open. Jesus became famous. The people brought their sick friends to Jesus. Jesus healed them.
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”- Matthew 4:19
1.      What were the names of the first set of brothers?
2.      What did Jesus say to them?
3. What were the other brothers doing when Jesus called them?

Jesus had been baptized. He went into the wilderness. Nobody followed Jesus there. For 40 days Jesus did not eat. Jesus was very hungry.
Then Satan came to him. Satan said, “Change these stones into bread. Then u can eat.” Jesus told Satan, “Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that comes out of the mouth of god.”
Then Satan looked down over the big city. He said, “Throw yourself down. God will take care of you.”
Jesus answered, “The bible says, ‘thou shalt not tempt the lord thy god.’ “
Finally, Satan took Jesus to a very high mountain. He showed Jesus all the wonderful things from this high mountain. He said, “Fall down and worship me.” But Jesus said, “Thou shall worship the lord thy god.” Then Satan left Jesus. Angel came and took care of him.
“Repent: for the kingdom is at hand.”- Matthew. 4:17
1.      How long did Jesus go without food?
2.      What did Satan say about bread?
3.      Who came to take care of Jesus?

(Matthew 7)
Jesus was telling a story. “There are two gates. One is the narrow gate. The other on is wide and crooked. The narrow gate leads to life. The wide gate leads to death.” Jesus told everybody to go through the narrow gate. It would lead to Heaven.
Jesus told another story. He said, “One day a man was building a house. He worked and worked. He built his house on rock. One day it rained. The rain came down very hard. The wind began to blow. It blew on the house, but the house did not fall down. It was made on a good, strong rock.
“There was another man who made a house. He built his house on the sand. Soon it began to rain. The water came and the wind blew. It rained on the house. The house fell. It was not on the strong rock.”
We should build our house on the strong rock. Jesus is called the Rock. He is strong. When we belong to Him, we will be on the strong Rock.
“It felt not: for it was founded upon a rock.” –Matthew 7:25
1.      Which gate should we go through?
2.      How many houses were there?
3.      What happened to the house which was built on the sand?

(Matthew 8)
Jesus came down from the mountain. Many people followed Him. Some people even worshipped Him.
One man was very sick. He was called a leper He came to worship Jesus. He said, “Jesus, You can make me well.”
Jesus put His hand out and touched the sick man. Right away the sick man was well.
Then Jesus went to another city. Here a man came to Him and said, “My servant is very sick.”
Then Jesus said, “I will come and make him well.”
The man said, “I am not worthy to have You come into my house. Just say the word. I know my servant will be well again.”
Jesus said, “You go home. Your servant will be well.”
Jesus went to Peter’s house. Peter was one of His helpers.
Peter’s mother-in-law was sick. She was in bed. Jesus saw that she was sick. He touched her hand. She became well right away. She cooked food for Peter and Jesus.
Many people who were sick came to see Jesus. He made everyone of them well.
“Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.” –Matthew 8:7
1.      What did Jesus do for the man’s servant?
2.      What did Jesus do for Peter’s mother-in-law?
3.      What did the mother-in-law do when she was well?
(Matthew 8)
There were many people who followed Jesus. Jesus went into a ship. His helpers went with Him. Jesus went to sleep.
All at once there was a storm. The waves came up. It looked as though the ships were going to be filled with water.
The helpers were afraid. But Jesus was still sleeping. They came to Jesus. They said, “Lord, save us, or we will perish.” Jesus looked at His helpers. Then He told the water to be quiet. In just a second the sea was very quiet. No water came up into the ship.
All the helpers saw it. They said, “Even the winds and the sea obey Jesus.”
Boys and girls should obey Jesus. The water and the waves obey Jesus. Should not children obey Him too?
“Even the winds and the sea obey him.” –Matthew 8:27
1.      Where was Jesus?
2.      What did the disciples say to Him?
3.      What did Jesus do to the winds and the sea?

(Matthew 9)
Jesus went into a ship. He went to the other side of the sea. There He saw a sick man. Jesus said, “Be of good cheer, they sins be forgiven.”
Many people heard Jesus. They did not think He should say, “Thy sins be forgiven.”
Jesus knew what they were thinking. He said, “Should I say, ‘Thy sins be forgiven’? or ‘Arise and walk’? Jesus told the people did not like Jesus.
Jesus saw a man waiting for people to pay their taxes. His name was Matthew. Matthew took care of income tax. Jesus said to Matthew, “Follow me.” Matthew followed Jesus at once.
Jesus then saw two blind men. The blind men began to follow Him. They wanted Jesus to help them. Jesus stopped. He put His fingers on their eyes. He made the blind man see. They told everyone what had happened. They were very,very happy.
“Follow me.” –Matthew 9:9
1.      What did Jesus say to the sick man?
2.      What did the blind men want?
3.      What did Jesus do for them?

(Matthew 10)
Jesus was very busy. He needed helpers. Jesus needs people who love Him. He called 12 men to help Him. He called these men disciples/ He told them to go out and heal the sick. These are the names of His helpers: Simon, who is called Peter, and Simon’s brother, Andrew. One man named Zebedee had two sons who became Jesus’ helpers. Their names were James and John.
Matthew, the tax collector, Philip, Thomas and Bartholomew were also His helpers. There was another man whose name was James, and one called Thaddeus. Simon, the Canaanite, helped Jesus, and Judas Iscariot, who later betrayed Jesus. Most of these helpers loved Jesus.
Jesus told these men to preach. He told them not to take money or extra clothing with them. God promised to take care of these men.
“Confess me before men.” – Matthew 10:32
1.      How many helpers did Jesus call?
2.      What did Judas later do?
3.      How much money did they take with them?

(Matthew 14)
John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin. John loved Jesus very much. He told other people to love Jesus. He told the people not to sin.
One day King Herod put John in jail. Herod did not like John. John had told King Herod that he had sinned.
Herod gave a birthday party. A girl danced for him. King Herod was happy. He promised to give the girl anything she wanted. The girl went to her mother. Her mother said, “Ask for John the Baptist’s head.” The girl told the king what she wanted. The King was very sorry. He did not want to kill John the Baptist. But he had promise to give the girl anything she wanted.
Herod sent some men to the prison. They brought John’s head to the girl. The girl gave his head to her mother.
Jesus’ helpers heard about this. They were very sorry that John had died. They went to the prison. They took John’s body and laid it in a grave. Jesus too heard that John had died. Jesus was very sorry.
“And the king was sorry.” –Matthew 14:9
1.      Who was Jesus’ cousin?
2.      Who gave a party?
3.      How did Jesus fell when He heard that John had died?

(Matthew 14)
It was a nighttime. All people had listened to Jesus for a long, long time. Jesus felt sorry for the sick people. He made many sick people well.
One of Jesus’ helpers talked to Him. He said, “Tell the people to go home and buy food.”
Jesus said, “Don’t send them away. Give them food.”
Jesus’ helper said, “All we have is five little barley buns and two little fishes. That is not enough to feed all these people.”
Jesus said, “Bring the food to Me.” He told the people to sit down. Jesus took the five buns and two fishes in His hands. He looked up to Heaven. He asked God to bless the food. Then He took it and gave it to His helpers. His helpers gave it to all the people who sat on the grass. The people ate. Soon they had eaten enough. No one was hungry any more. Jesus’ helpers were to gather up the extra food. When they brought it all in, they had 12 baskets full. Jesus had fed all of the people. They were more than 5,000 men and many, many women and children. Only Jesus can do a miracle like this.
“Bring them… to me.” –Matthew 14:18
1.      What did Jesus do for the sick people?
2.      How much food did they have?
3.      How much was left over?

(Matthew 14)
Jesus had fed many people. He told al His helpers to o into a boat. Then He told the people to go home. When the people had gone, Jesus went to a mountain to pray. His helpers were out in the middle of the sea. All at once a storm came up. Jesus’ helpers saw the storm. They looked out over the sea. They saw Jesus walking on the top of the water. They were afraid. Jesus said, “If You are Jesus, ask me to come to water.”
Jesus said, “COME.”
Peter stepped out of the boat. His feet touched the water and he began to walk to Jesus. All at once the wind blew hard. Peter looked down into the water. He began to sink. He cried, “Lord, save me!” Jesus caught Peter before he went down.
Peter should not have looked around him or at the waves. He should have looked at Jesus. Soon the wind stopped lowing. The storm was all over. Jesus’ helpers knew for sure that He was the Son of God.
Ó THOU OF LITTLE FAITH.” –Matthew 14:31
1.      What did Jesus do on the mountain?
2.      Who was walking on the water?
3.      Who saved Peter from drowning

(Matthew 15)
Jesus had fed 5,000 men. There had been many women and children too. Now more people came to see Jesus. He saw all the people. He felt sort for them. These people stayed with Him for three days. They had not had anything to eat. Jesus said, “I cannot send them away. They are hungry.”
Jesus remembered when He had fed the 5,000 men. His helpers remembered it too. Jesus said, “How many loaves do you have>”
Jesus’ helpers said, “Seven, and a few little fishes.”
Jesus told the people to sit down on the grass. He took the bread and fishes. He then asked God, His Father, to bless them. He divided the food. He gave to the people who sat on the ground. Everyone ate until all were satisfied. This time there were 4,000 men and many, many women and children. Then Jesus told the people to go home. He went into a ship and sailed to another city.
“And he…. Gave thanks.” -Matthew 15:36
1.      How many loaves did they have this time?
2.      How many people were there?
3.      Where did Jesus and His helpers go?

Jesus had many helpers. Sometimes He only needed two or three. When He just needed two or three, He would take Peter, James, and John. Sometimes they would go to a mountain to pray. Sometimes they would go to a mountain to pray.  Sometimes they would go to the desert to be alone. Sometimes they would heal the sick. Sometimes they would make the blind to see.
One day Jesus, Peter, James and John went to a high mountain. These men looked at Jesus. His face was shining. His clothes looked very white. They saw Moses and Elias with Jesus. Peter said, “Lord, it is good for us to be here. We will make three tabernacles. One for You. One for Moses. One for Elias.”
While Peter was speaking, a cloud came. It covered the three people. The Peter, James, and John heard a voice saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

“It Is good for us to be here.” –Matthew 17:4
1.      Name three special helpers.
2.      Where did they often go?
3.      What did the voice say?

(Matthew 18 and 19)
One day Jesus’ helpers came to Him. They said, “Who is the greatest in heaven?”
Jesus looked at a little child and took him on His lap. Then Jesus said, “Unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven.”
Jesus loved little children. He said, “Let the little children come unto Me.” Jesus wanted the little children to come. He loved little children.
Do you love Jesus? Jesus loves you. Jesus died on a cross for you. Men put big nails through His hands and feet. He let them do this so He could take your sin away. Have you asked Jesus to make your heart clean?
Jesus said, “Everyone has done wrong.” He said, “No sin can come into Heaven,” Since you have sinned, you cannot go to Heaven. Ask Jesus to take away your sin. Then He will give you a home in Heaven. Some people think children are too small to come to Jesus. But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me.” Why don’t you come to Jesus today?
“Forbid them not, to come unto me.” –Matthew 19:14
1.      What did men put through Jesus’ hands and feet?
2.      Who can take away your sin?
3.      Who said children should come?

(Matthew 21)
Jesus told many stories. He called these stories parables. Many people came to hear Jesus. The people liked these stories. They listened to them.
Jesus told about a man who had two boys. The man told one of the boys to go and work in his garden.
This boy said, “I do not want to. I won’t go.” Later this boys was sorry. He did not want to talk to his father that way. He changed his mind. He knew he had been wrong. So he went to work in his father’s garden.
Then the father saw the other son. He said, “Son, go work in my garden.”

The boy said, “All right, Father. I will go and work in the garden.” But this boy told a lie. He went someplace else. He did not go to his father’s garden. He did not want to work for his father.
Jesus told this story. He said, “Which of these obeyed his father?” Yes, the boy who went to the garden and worked. He was sorry that he had not said yes to his father right away. We need to obey our fathers and others. We need to do what they tell us to do. Jesus said, “Children, obey your parents.”
“Go work today.” –Matthew 21:28
1.      What did Jesus call His stories?
2.      Where did the father ask his son to work?
3.      What did the first boy say?

(Matthew 26)
Jesus had been talking to His helpers. They sang a hymn. Then they walked to a garden. The name of this garden was Gethsemane. Jesus said, “Stay here. I am going to pray.”
Jesus took Peter, James and John with Him. He was very sad. They walked a short way. Then Jesus said, “Now you stay here and pray. I’m going a little farther.” Peter, James, and John stayed there. Jesus went farther to pray. He talked to His Father. Jesus knew that He must die. God had sent Him into the world to die. Now it was almost time.

Jesus said, “Father, not my will, but thine be done.” When He finished praying. He went back to se Peter, James, and John. He came to where they were. He found them fast asleep.
Jesus went again to pray. He said the same thing to His Father. Then He came back to Peter, James and John. Again they were sleeping. They were very tired.
Jesus went to pray the third time. He prayed the same words. Then He came once again to Peter, James, and John. Once more He found them sleeping. They had not watched with Him. They had not prayed with Him. They had not helped their Master.
“Watch and pray.” –Matthew 26:41
1.      Where did Jesus and His helpers go?
2.      Why did Jesus go there?
3.      How many times did Jesus find them asleep?

Jesus had called 12 helpers. One of them was Judas Iscariot. Judas did not truly love Jesus.
One day Judas went to one of the chief men. He said. “What will you give me to get Jesus?”
The chief said. “I will give you 30 pieces of money.”
Judas promised to get Jesus for them.
The chief said, “How will I know which man is Jesus?”
Judas said, “The one I kiss will be Jesus.”
Jesus and His helpers were in the garden. Soon men came with swords. Judas was there and went up to Jesus. Now they had Him. They would put Him to death. Jesus’ helpers were afraid and ran.
Judas had betrayed his Master. He was not a true friend. Judas kissed Jesus, so the men would know Him. Judas had not been the right kind of helper. He had wanted the 30 pieces of money. He gave the dear Lord Jesus to the soldiers to be killed.
“Then all the disciples… fled.” –Matthew 26:56
1.      How many helpers did Jesus have?
2.      Who was a bad helper?
3.      Where did the other helpers go?

(Matthew 27)
Judas told the soldiers which man was Jesus. Now they had caught Him.
The soldiers took Jesus to Pilate. Pilate could not find anything wrong with Jesus. But he did not let Him go.
There was a robber by the name of Barabbas. Every year pilate let one prisoner go. The people did not like Barabbas. Pilate was sure that they would choose Jesus to go free.
Pilate said, “Whom will I release? Will it be Jesus or Barabbas?”
The people were angry. They all called out, “Barabbas!”
Pilate said, “What will you do with Jesus?”
They said, “Crucify him!”
Pilate saw that he could not do anything with the people. He did not want to crucify Jesus. But he did not want the people to be angry with him. Pilate took a basin of water and washed his hands. Then he said, “I am innocent.”
He thought he could wash this sin with water.
The people took Jesus away. They took His clothes. Then they nailed Him to the cross. There were two thieves who were killed that same day. One was on the right side. The other was on the left. Soon it became very dark. Jesus said. “It is finished.” They killed the dear Lord Jesus.
Jesus, who was God’s Son, died on the cross.
“They . . . led him away to crucify him.” – Matthew 27:31
1.      Who was the robber?
2.      What did Pilate do with the water?
3.      What did they do to Jesus, God’s son?

(Matthew 27 and 28)
Jesus had died on the cross for our sins.
A rich man named Joseph asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. Joseph wrapped t and laid it in a new grave. Jesus was in this grave for three days. Then He arose. Jesus had told His helpers that He would not stay in the grave. He said, “I will arise after three days.”
Early one morning some women went to visit His grave. They found that Jesus was gone. An angel was there. The angel said, “He is not here, He is risen.” Jesus was no longer in the grave. E had not gone to His Father in Heaven. Jesus is waiting in Heaven for us. He is speaking to God about us. We can pray to Jesus. He will tell God what we need.
“He is not here: for he is risen.” – Matthew 28:6
1.      Who asked Pilate for Jesus’ body?
2.      How many days was Jesus in the grave?
3.      Where is Jesus now?
One day Jesus was walking with His helpers. A sick man came out of the cemetery. He lived there. Jesus said, “What is your name?” The man said his name was Legion. Jesus knew that this man was sick. Jesus felt sorry for him. Jesus told all the bad to come out of this man. As soon as Jesus said this, the man was well. This man then went home and lived with his family.
Jesus got into a ship. He went to the other side of the lake. He saw a man. This man’s name was Jairus. Jairus fell at Jesus’ feet. He said, “My little girl is very sick.” Jesus went home with Jairus.
While He was going to the house, a lady touched His robe. Jesus said, “Who touched me?”
The lady said, “I touched You. I am sick. I want to be well.”
Jesus told the lady He was willing. At once she was well. She was not sick any more.
Jesus went to Jairus’ house. There He saw the little girl. He told the people to stand outside.
The people said, ‘The little girl is dead.”
Jesus said, “Do not be afraid. Only believe.” Peter, James, ad John went into the room with Jesus and the little girl’s mother and daddy. Jesus took the little girl by the hand. Jesus said, “Arise.” The little girl sat up. She was no loner dead. Jesus had made her alive. She was 12 years old.
“Be not afraid, only believe.” -Mark 5:36
1.      Who was the man who came out of the ceremony?
2.      Who touched Jesus’ robe?
3.      What did the people say about the little girl?

(Mark 16)
When Jesus was put in the grave, a big stone was rolled in front of it. It was so big one person could not move it.
Two women came to the grave. They thought, “Who will roll away the stone?” But the stone was already rolled away. An angel was sitting there.
He said, “Go and tell Jesus’ helpers that He is not here. Tell Peter that Jesus is not here.”
The women were afraid. They hurried away. Mary Magdalene saw someone. It was Jesus. She was afraid.
But Jesus said, “Do not be afraid.” After Jesus was risen, He went to visit His helpers. He told them that He was going to Heaven. He wanted them to work for Him. He said, “Go out to all the world.”
Jesus wants us to tell everyone about Him. He wants us to tell our neighbors. He wants us to tell our brothers and sisters. Have you told anyone about Jesus?
“Go ye into all the world.” – Mark 16:15
1.      What was in front of the grave?
2.      Who saw Jesus?
3.      Whom should we tell about Jesus?

(Luke 1)
Zacharias loved God. His wife’s name was Elizabeth. They had no children. One day God talked to Zacharias. He said, “Your wife is going to have a baby boy. He will grow up and help Me. He will tell people to turn from sin. This boy must be careful what he does.  You must take good care of him.”
Elisabeth was very happy. She was going to have a baby boy. Zacharias was very happy too. For he was an old man. His wife was old too. They would be very happy to have a baby.
Finally the baby was born. All the neighbors came to visit them. The people said, “Call the baby Zacharias.”
Elisabeth said, “No, he shall be called John.”
They wondered why Elisabeth called him John. Zacharias could not talk. He had lost his voice. The people turned to Zacharias. They said, “What are you going to call your boy?”
Zacharias wrote down the name. He wrote, “His name is John.”
God chose this baby. God chose the baby’s name. Zacharias and Elisabeth had obeyed God. John was a helper for Jesus. He told the people that Jesus could and He would take away their sins.
“Prayer is heard.” –Luke 1:13
1.      Who was Zacharias’ wife?
2.      What did the neighbors want to call the baby?
3.      What did the father write down?

(Luke 2)
Mary and Joseph went to Bethlehem to pay a bill. Many people went there to pay their bills. Mary and Joseph could not find a place to sleep that night. They looked all over. There were too many people, so they could not find a room.
Evening came and it was dark Mary and Joseph found a place to stay. It was a barn. Animals were there. Joseph and Mary stayed there too.
While they were there, Mary’s baby was born. This Baby was God’s Baby. Mary took good care of God’s Baby. An angel had told her what to name Him. They called Him Jesus. Jesus is God’s son. We love God’s son.
That same night some shepherds were taking care of their sheep in a field. An angel came and told them that Jesus had been born. They went as fast as they could to see the Baby. They left their sheep in the fields. They knew that Jesus was God’s son. When they got there, they saw Mary and Joseph. Little Jesus was lying in a manger. Then they went back to their sheep. They told all te people what they had heard and seen. They were happy to see Jesus, God’s son.
“For unto you is born . . . a Savior.” –Luke 2:11
1.      Why did Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem?
2.      Who came to see the baby?
3.      Who told these men about Jesus?

(Luke 7)
Jesus grew to be a man. He loved God. His heavenly Father. He loved His mother, Mary. He loved and obeyed Joseph too. Jesus never did any wrong.
Jesus had chosen some helpers. Jesus and His helpers healed many people. Jesus loved people. He wanted to help them.
One day Jesus went to a city called Nain. Jesus’ helpers went with Him. There they saw a funeral. The mother was crying. Her only boy had died. Her husband had died before.
Jesus felt sorry for this mother. He said, “Don’t cry.” Then He went to dead son. The people who were carrying him stopped. Jesus said, “Young man, arise!” The young man sat up and began to  talk. He saw his mother. How happy he was to be alive! How happy the mother was to have her son back!
The people became afraid. They knew that only God could raise the dead. Jesus must be God. Many people believed on God when they saw what He did. Jesus healed the sick. He made the dead come alive. Only Jesus could do this.
“God hath visited his people.” –Luke 7:16
1.      Who was crying?
2.      What did Jesus do at the funeral?
3.      Who can make dead people come to life?

(Luke 8)
Jesus told a story. This story was about some seed and ground. A sower went out to plant some seed. Some fell on the side. It did not get under the good black dirt. Birds came and ate it.
Some of the seed fell upon a rock. The rock was very hard. The seed had a hard time growing. It started to grow, but withered away under the sun. It did not have enough water. Some of the seed. Soon the thorns choked the seed. The good seed could not grow.
Some of the seed fell on good ground. It was nice black dirt. It had enough water. It was well cared for. The seed began to grow. It grew and grew. Soon it became a tree. Then it had fruit.
We are something like seed. We cannot grove for Jesus if we are in bad ground. We should not go to bad places. We should not keep company with bad people. We should go with good people. We must go to good places. We should put some of God’s Word in our hearts each day.
“The seed is the word of God.” –Luke 8:11
1.      What was Jesus’ story about?
2.      What happened to the first seed?
3.      What kind of people should we be?

(Luke 15)
A man had two boys. The younger went to his father. He said, “Give me some money. I am going away.” The father gave his boy some money. In a few days the boy took everything he had and went away.
He spent his money in another country. Soon he had spent everything. He did not have enough money for food. He was very hungry.
The boy went out in the field. He was so hungry, the pigs’ food would have tasted good. “My father has plenty,” he said. “My father’s servants have plenty of food. I am hungry. I will go back to my father. I will tell him I have sinned.”
The boy went back to his father. The father saw him coming and went out to meet him. He put his arm around his neck and kissed him.
The boy said, “I have sinned.” The father forgave his son.
We have sinned too. Our Heavenly Father always waits for us to come and talk to Him. We need to come to our heavenly Father. We should tell Him that we have sinned. If we are sorry, He will forgive us all our sin.
“I will arise and go to my father.” –Luke 15:18
1.      What did the younger boy do?
2.      What did he say to his father?
3.      What did the father do?

(Luke 15)
People were coming to see Jesus. He spoke to them many times. Some of the people believed on jesus. Some of them became angry. Some of the people said that Jess was friendly with sinners.
Jesus told them a story. This story was about lost sheep. He said, “If you had a 100 sheep and you lost one, you would leave the 99 to go and look for the lost sheep.”
He does not come home until he finds it. The 99 sheep wait until the shepherd comes home with one lost sheep. Then there are 100 sheep again. Jesus said, “Everyone is happy when the lost sheep is found.”
Jesus told another story. A lady had some money. She lost one piece. It was dark in the house. She lit a candle and looked for her money. Soon she found it.” She told her friends and neighbors, “I have found it.” Everyone was happy.
Jesus is happy when a boy or girl comes to Him. Even the angels in Heaven are happy when a boy or girl has Jesus for his best friend. Jesus loves us and wants us to do the things that are right.
“Rejoice with me.” –Luke 15:9
1.      How many sheep were lost?
2.      What did the lady lose?
3.      Who is happy when we come to Jesus?

(Luke 17)
As Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem He came into a little village. There He met ten men. Those men were lepers. This means that they were sick with leprosy.
They saw Jesus coming. They called loudly. “Master have mercy on us.”
Jesus saw them. He felt sorry for them. He said, “Go show yourselves to the priest.”
They were willing to do what Jesus told them. As soon as they started walking, they were made well. All their sickness was gone. Jesus had taken it away. They were not sick any more.
One of the men turned around. He saw Jesus. He came back to Jesus and called, “Thank You, for making me well.” He knelt down at Jesus’ feet.
Jesus looked at the man. He said, “Were there not ten made clean? Where are the other nine?” Only one of them remembered to thank Jesus. Nine forogot.
Jesus had done many things for us. We should remember to thank Him. Have you remembered to say Thank You to Jesus?
“Where are the nine?” –Luke 17:17
1.      How many men did Jesus heal?
2.      How many said Thank You to Jesus?
3.      How many forgot to say Thank You?

(Luke 19)
Jesus was going through Jericho. A big crowd of people came to hear Him. One man named Zacchaeus. He was one of the chief men. He was very rich. Zaccheus wanted to see Jesus. Zacchaeus was very short. He could not see over the heads of the people.
Soon he had an idea. He ran ahead of the people. He climbed a sycamore tree. Jesus came that way. Jesus saw Zacchaeus in the tree. He looked up at him. He said, “Zacchaeus, come down. I am going to your house!”
Zacchaeus was very glad that Jesus had seen him. He was glad that Jesus was going to his housed. Zacchaeus came down. Jesus and Zacchaeus went to Zacchaeus’ house.
At the house, Zacchaeus told Jesus that he had done many wrong things. He said he had taken money. But he said he would give it back to the people. He said, “I will give them to the poor people.” Zacchaeus was sorry for every bad thing that he had done. Jesus was glad that Zacchaeus had come to Him.
Jesus came to help sinners. The Bible says, “He came to seek and to save that which was lost” Will you let Jesus take away your sin?
“He . . . received him[Jesus] joyfully.” –Luke 19:6
1.       Who climbed the tree?
2.      Who saw him in the tree?
3.      What did Jesus say to him?

(Luke 19_
Jesus and some of His helpers were in Bethany. They came to a place called the Mount of Olives. Jesus said to two of his helpers, “Go to the village. I want you to find a colt. It will be tied. When they ask what you are doing, say, “The Lord needs him.’ “
Jesus’ helpers went. They found the colt tied, just as Jesus had said. Soon the owners came out. They said, “Why are you untying the colt?”
The helpers said, “The Lord needs him.” The owners let Jesus; helpers take the colt.
They brought him to Jesus. Jesus sat on the colt and rode into town. People saw Jesus coming. Some of them were very happy. They threw their coats in the road so Jesus could ride over them. They threw palms branches on the road. They were happy to see Jesus. They said, “Blessed be the King.”
But some people were not happy about it. They did not want Jesus to come to town. They did not want Jesus to be king.
Some people are like that today. They do not want Jesus. But we should still tell them about Jesus. We should tell them that Jesus can take away their sins.
“Blessed be the King.” – Luke 19:38
1.      Who got the colt?
2.      What did the owners say?
3.      Who can take away sin?
(Luke 22)
Jesus told His helpers that He would have to die. He said, “Some of you will leave Me.”
Peter said, “I will never leave You. I will always go with You.
Jesus looked at Peter. He said, “Peter, you are going to deny Me. People will ask you if you know Me. You will say no. You will do it three times.” Peter said he would never do that.
Soon some soldiers came and took Jesus. Peter watched them take his Master away. Then he followed them from far away. They went into the high priest’s house. Peter followed them there. He sat down by the fire to warm himself.
Soon a girl came to him. She said, “You were with Jesus.”
Peter said, “I do not even know Him.”
Soon another person saw peter. He said, “Were you with Jesus?”
Peter lied again. He said, “I do not know Him.” Then the third person came and said, ‘You talk like a Galilean. You must know Jesus.”
Peter said, “ I do not know Him.” Then Jesus looked at Peter and was sad. Peter knew that he had lied. He went out and cried and cried. He was very sorry.
“Peter went out, and wept bitterly.” – Luke 22:62
1.      What did Jesus tell Peter he would do?
2.      What did Peter say about it?
3.      How did he fell about what he had done?

(John 2)
Jesus had just begun His work. He and His mother were invited to a wedding. The wedding was in Cana. Jesus’ helpers were at Cana too. Jesus’ mother came to Jesus. She said, “They have no wine.” Jesus’ mother turned to the servants. She said, “Whatever Jesus tells you to do, do it.”
There were six big water jars. Jesus told them to fill the jars with water. The servants obeyed. They filled the jars with water. Then Jesus said, “Now carry some to the ruler.” The servants obeyed. They took some to the ruler of the feast. It was no longer water. It was wine. Jesus had done a miracle. No one else can change water into wine. Only Jesus, God’s son, can do that.
We should believe on God’s son. We should believe that Jesus can take our sin away.
Jesus’ mother knew that He could do anything. She knew when Jesus was a baby that He was God’s Son. She believed God. Do you believe God?
“Whatsoever he saith. . .  do it.” _john 2:5
1.      Who went to a wedding?
2.      What did Jesus’ mother say to the servants?
3.      What did Jesus tell the servants to do?

(John 3)
Nicodemus was a Pharisee. He was a ruler of the Jews. He had seen Jesus. He had heard Jesus too. He knew that Jesus was a good Teacher.
One night Nicodemus came to Jesus. He said, “Teacher we know that you are from God. No one can do things that you do unless God is with him.”
Jesus looked at Nicodemus. He said, “Unless a man is born again, he cannot see God.”
Nicodemus did not understand what Jesus meant. He said, “How can a man be born again, when he is old?”
Jesus told him that unless a person asks forgiveness for sin, he cannot go to heaven.
It is the same for us. Unless we are forgiven, we cannot see Heaven. Jesus told Nicodemus that he had to be born again. To be born again means that we must come to Jesus. We must ask Him to forgive us and take away our sins. Have you asked Him to wash your sins away? Have you asked Him to make you His child?
“Ye must be born again.” –John 3:7
1.      Who was a ruler of Jews?
2.      What time did he come to talk with Jesus?
3.      How can we get to heaven?

(John 11)
There was a man named Lazarus. He lived in Bethany. He had a sister, Mary, and another sister, Martha. Lazarus, Mary, and Martha loved Jesus. Jesus loved to be in their home. He went there often.
One day Lazarus was sick. Soon he became very, very sick. Jesus was in another town. He heard that Lazarus was sick. Jess stayed two more days before going to Bethany. Before He got to Bethany, Lazarus had died. Mary and Martha said, “If you had been here, Lazarus would not have died.”
They took Jesus to Lazarus’ grave. Jesus said, “Your brother will live again.” Then Jesus wept. He loved people in that Bethany home.
Jesus looked up to Heaven. He prayed. Then He said, “Lazarus, come out.”
Lazarus came out of the grave. Jesus gave Lazarus new life. He can give you life too. He can give you eternal life.
1.      What happened to Lazarus?
2.      What did Jesus do at the grave?
3.      What happened to Lazarus then?

(John 17)
Jesus often prayed. Sometimes He prayed early in the morning. Sometimes he prayed all night. Jesus prayed before He ate. He prayed when He was sad. Jesus prayed when He was glad. We need to pray too. Praying is talking to God.
Jesus knew He would die soon. He was sad because he would soon leave His helpers. He would soon give His life.
Jesus knew how He would die. He knew men would nail Him to a cross. Jesus prayed about it.
Jesus prayed for you. He prayed for me. He asked his heavenly Father to take care of us. He asked His Father to take care of all those who believe. Before He left the earth He asked God to watch over His people. God watches over you.
“I PRAY FOR THEM.” –John 17:9
1.      What did Jesus do in the morning?
2.      What did Jesus do at night?
3.      What is praying?

(Acts 1)
Jesus came to His helpers. He said, “Tell all the people in the world about Me.”

After He spoke, He went up into the sky. Up, up beyond the clouds. He went until He entered Heaven where His Father lives. Jesus went to be with His Father.
His Helpers stood looking up. Soon they could not see Him. They wondered what had happened to Jesus. Two angels came to them. They said, “Why are you standing looking for Jesus? He has gone to Heaven. Some day you will go to heaven the same way, if you believe in Jesus.” Jesus’ helpers were happy to hear that Jesus had gone to heaven. Some day they would for there too.
Jesus has a place in Heaven for us. Are you ready for your place in heaven?
“Ye shall be witnesses unto me.” –Acts 1:8
1.      Where did Jesus go?
2.      Who is Jesus’ Father?
3.      How can we go to heaven?

(Acts 3)
One day Peter and John walked to church. It was time for the prayer meeting to start. Peter and John came to the door of the church. There they saw a sick man. He could not walk.  He had never walked. When he was a little boy, his mother had to carry. When he was a little boy, his mother had to carry him. When he grew to be a bigger boy, they had to carry him. Even when he became a man, they had to carry him. His legs would not hold him up.
This man was sitting by the church begging for money. He asked Peter and John for money. Peter said, “We do not have money, but we will give you what we have.” The sick man wondered what they could give him. He needed money. Peter said, “In the name of Jesus, stand up and walk.”
The sick man had never walked. Peter took his hand. He helped him stand. All at once the man’s legs became strong. The man was so glad to be ab;e to stand. He started to walk, then he ran, and finally he jumped.
The man who had been sick and Peter and John went into the church. He told everyone there what God had done for him.
“And he. . . . . stood .. . .  walking, and leaping, and praising God.” –Acts 3:8
1. Which helpers of Jesus came to the church?
2.      What did they see at the church?
3.      What did he do when he saw that he could walk?

(Acts 4)
After Peter and John had helped the sick man, they left the church. Peter and john had not made the man walk. God had done it when they spoke.
The leaders saw that the people followed Peter and John. They were angry. They sent men out to get Peter and john. They were angry. They found them and held them until the next dat. Peter told the men that Jesus helped them. Jesus always helps us- in school, at home, in Sunday school, and wherever we are.
Peter told the rulers that he and john had done no wrong. They did only things which were good. He told them that there was only one way to be sure to for to heaven. They should accept Jesus. The men did not like to hear that they had sinned. They took Peter and John and tried to make them promise not to talk about Jesus any more. Peter and John could not promise that. They loved Jesus very much. Then the men of the city told them to leave, or they would punish them.
“Neither is there salvation in any other.” – Acts 4:12
1.      Who had made the sick man well?
2.      Who had helped Peter and John?
3.      What did the rulers do to Peter and John?

(Acts 5)
Many people believed in Jesus. Peter and John preached to them. They all went to church. They gave their money to the church. They said it belonged to God. God gives us work so that we can earn money. We should give some of our money back to God.
One man had some land. He sold it. He gave that money to his church.
Another man had some land. He sold it too. His name was Ananias He thought he would sell it. He kept part of the money. He came into the church with the rest of the money. He told them that he was giving all of it to God. God knew he was lying; this man was hiding part of what belonged to god.
All at once this man fell to the floor dead. God took away his life because he was lying and cheating. His wife came into the church. Peter asked her about the price of the land. She named the same amount her husband had said. God knew she too was lying and cheating. She also died.
Gpd knows what we think. He knows when we tell the truth. He knows when we are lying. We cannot hide anything from God.
“Fear came . . . upon as many as heard.” –Acts 5:11
1.      What did one man do when he sold his land?
2.      What did his wife do when she brought her money?
3.      What did they die?

(Acts 5)
People came to listen to peter preach. Some brought their sick friends for Peter to make them well. The rulers saw this. They became very angry. They did not want Peter to teach or to heal the people. So they put Peter in prison.
An angel sent by God came and opened the prison doors. Peter walked out of the prison.
The next morning the leaders in the city went to the prison. They found the doors all locked, but Peter was not there. The angel set him free. The city rulers sent men to look for him. They found him teaching the people. They said he was not to preach or teach the people any more. Peter said, “We must obey God rather than men.
“We ought to obey God rather than men.” –Acts 5:20
1.      What happened when the city leaders heard of Peter?
2.      Who let Peter out of prison?
3.      What happened when the leaders found the jail empty?

(Acts 6 and 7)
Stephen was one of the helpers chosen to work with Jesus’ other helpers. He was a very good man. He loved Jesus very much. One day he told all the people in the city about Jesus. He told them that they had killed God’s Son. The people did not like to hear this. They decided to kill Stephen. They took him just outside the city. They began to throw stones at him. Finally Stephen died.
There was one man there who did not throw stones. His name was Sail. He saw and watched the others. He held their coats. Saul did not love Jesus. He was glad when he saw the men stoning Stephen.
Now Stephen was dead. Some of his friends came and put him to rest in a grave. Saul had watched all this. He went around and treated the Christians cruelly. He went into their homes. He had some of the followers of Jesus in prison.
“Lord, say not this sin to their charge.” –Acts 7:60
1.      What was the new helpers’ name?
2.      Who sat by and watched all that happened?
3.      What did Saul do to the Christians?

(Acts 8)
Philip was a preacher. He went to many cities. He told the people about Jesus. He went from one city to another. Philip obeyed when God asked him to go to a new city.
One the road he saw a chariot. A chariot is a cart or wagon on wheels. A horse pulled the chariot. Philip saw the chariot. He saw a man in the chariot. The man was reading his Bible. Philip said, “I cannot know. No one has explained it to me.”
Philip explained about the prophet Isaiah to the man. He told him about Jesus. He told him now Jesus had died. He told him how he could forgive sins. Philip said, “Do you believe this?”
The man said, “I believe that Jesus is the son of God.” Philip led the man to believe in Jesus, you see. Then the man was baptized.
We need to tell others about Jesus. We should tell them that Jesus can save them. Have you told anyone about Jesus today?
“Arise, and go.” - Acts 8:26
1.      Who was the preacher?
2.      What did he do when God called him?
3.      Who was in the chariot?

(Acts 9 )
Saul had killed many Christians. He had gone from town to town to kill them. One day he went to a city named Damascus. He was going to kill some of the Christians there. Soon there was a bright light It shone down on him. He fell to the ground. A voice said, “Saul why do you persecute Me.”
Saul tried to look up, but he could not see. The bright light had made him blind. For three days he could not see. He did not eat or drink.
There was another man in Damascus. His name was Ananias. The Lord said, “Go and find Saul. Put your hand on him. When you do he will be able to see again.”
Ananias was afraid. He knew that Saul had killed many Christians. God told Ananias that He would go with him.
Ananias went to Saul. He told him about Jesus.
Saul believed in Jesus. Because he did, he knew that he could not kill the Christians any more. He must tell everyone what Jesus could do. Saul became a true worker for the Lord Jesus
“I Am here Lord.” – Acts 9:10
1.      What had Saul done to the Christians?
2.      Who led Saul to Christ?
3.      What did Saul do after he was saved?

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